Sunday, 10 April 2011

6 weeks to go.....

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? I hope you've all had a great weekend -it's been gloriously sunny here and I suspect there may be a few sunburned folk in the office tomorrow.

Yet another week has passed and it's been another busy one but my training has been good & I have a new weekly distance record again this week recording my first 60km week (about 37 miles). The training is getting tougher now and the next 3 weeks will probably be the toughest before I start to taper & then I'll be more irritable than usual!

So here's a quick run down of the week

Monday Recovery
I was surprised how good I felt after last Sunday's 19 miler the only minor negative was my black toe nail on my right foot which I know I'll lose so that will be one from each foot. No strappy sandals for me this summer - I'll be hiding my ugly runners feet in shame.
I knew that I needed to get some form of movement in today but had a sports massage booked after work & then a family meal for Dad Smith's birthday so it had to be lunchtime. I opted for the treadmill as I then had the choice of hopping off & onto the bike or the cross trainer if my body objected after the 19 miler - but bizarrely it was fantastic.

Tuesday Torture
Yes PT day - just when I think it's getting easier he increases the weights or finds some new cruel way to hurt me LOL - I love it. PT is the highlight of my week especially as I'm constantly seeing progress.
3 single supine rows - god these are tough
3 sets of 2 almost unassisted pull ups
4 supersets of underarm grip cable pulls down 6 reps 45kg & 15 swiss ball tricep dips
4 supersets of 8 straight arm cable pull down 25kg & 10 alternate bicep curls 9kg
3 supersets of 15 squats 50kg (I suspect this may go up next week) with 20 high bar lunges 15kg bar.

Wednesday - Resting
Total rest day - just what I needed

Thursday - back twice as strong
After my rest day I managed not 1 but 2 sessions today. Sprint intervals at lunch time which really burnt off some of my tension and then after work a slightly longer steady run - aim was for about 10km & I managed over 11.5 and still felt I had more in the tank.

Friday - not my usual commute
Decide to attempt to run to work rather than take the bus. This was fine when I lived closer but now it's over 12 miles - still it seemed to me like a good way to get the miles in especially as I knew I'd be pushed for time at the weekend.
An effort to get up & do this but I said I would so I did. I didn't fuel the way I normally would for a run of this distance partly as I didn't want to get up at 5am to eat. Up at 6am, had a lucozade sports carb cereal bar (yummy) and was ready & out by about 6.35. I wanted to quit & get the bus between km 5 & 10 - just didn't feel good but by km 10 the cereal bar & the lucozade body fuel gel I'd had at 5k must have kicked in because I started to feel good & the pace picked up & I was in cruise mode till about 18k - struggled a wee bit but picked it up to run my last km as the fastest of the day. Super impressed with myself after the 10.5 miles in the legs from Thursday. 23 miles in less than 24 hours a new achievement for me - now just need to manage 26.2 all at once on Marathon day!

Sunday - Short Long Run

As I was pushed for time this weekend my run was going to be slightly shorter than I'd have done if I had more time. I was going to run a hilly 14km but first 2km my legs told me NO. I felt crap :-( and I'd had an upset stomach this morning so decided to alter my route & run along the canal that way I could turn back whenever I wanted. 5km into the run I started to feel good but I had a wee stop to take some photos on my phone - OMG why have I never run down here before it's so lovely - helped today by the glorious sunshine. Ran for an hour & then turned & headed back. Not a great run by any means but so glad I did it & my first ever 60km week :-)

Fudgey goes to London
I'm writing this post from my hotel room in London. I'm here for a course for a couple of days abandoning Mr Fudgey and the fellas.I miss them already. It was a bit of an eventful journey including a fire alarm at Edinburgh airport and a magical mystery tour on the DLR rail replacement bus service - still I got here eventually and in one piece. So will 2 days in London halt my training? Not too much I have my kit with me & the hotel has a fancy gym so I'll be trying that out but I will also be having a mini taper ahead of next Sunday's kilomathon.

Well that's my update for this week - will be back soon but off to get some sleep now - going to be very odd in a big bed on my own
Take Care everyone

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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