Saturday, 2 April 2011

Marvellous March

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you are all well and having a good weekend - as promised I'm back with a catch up of my last 3 weeks training.
March has been really really good - my running has been consistent, not fast but I've felt really strong and in control most of the time.

I've ran more at this point this year than I did in the first 3 months last year & in March clocked up my highest amount of km run in a month since I began running. Not a lot compared to many other runners - but for me a massive achievement.
Some numbers below for the stats lovers amongst us

So the training since 14th March (apologies as some of this is duplication from daily mile).....

Monday 14th March
Long long day travelling to Florida - torture for some one as active as me to be on a plane for 6 and a half hours! Enforced rest day

Tuesday 15th March
5.01km run. I never headed out till around 8.30 and by that time the sun was up & it was getting hot so called it at 5k.

Wednesday 16th March
10.22km run - up & out earlier to try & beat the sun & the heat.

Thursday 17th March
Rest day before long run - but swam 710m

Friday 18th March
24.39km run. Up & out in the dark to get the weekly long run in. The holiday was not going to halt Marathon training! It was great to run past people's sprinklers & get a refreshing shower. Mr Fudgey also came out for a but to take some photos and give me moral support. This was my longest run so far this year and though the latter stages were hard and it was getting really hot I enjoyed it so much.

Saturday 19th March
Rest day after log run but swam 1km. Swimming a km is so much harder than running a km.

Sunday 20th March
11.29km gentle recovery run. Legs felt awesome and pace was cracking which surprised me after the long run on Sat.

Monday 21st March
1km Swim

Tuesday 22nd March
1km Swim before starting the journey home.

Wednesday 23rd March
Exhausted - another enforced rest day

Thursday 24th March
Had to split this into 2 runs - 5.8km & 5.5km one at lunchtime and one after work. I had hoped for double that after work but the jetlag got me and I had to listen to my body and stop at 5.5k - before than 0k though.

Friday 25th March
5.65km pre work run to energise me and to make up for the previous day.
After work PT session
Fab session till the end when I was so wrecked I could no longer hold weights!

3 sets of 1 pull up - so nearly nearly there - I can do about 3/4 & my trainer puts his hands on my back to help me that last bit - soon I'll manage 1

4 supersets of 8 assisted pull ups (12kg) with 12 upright row (15kg)
4 supersets of 6 wide grip pull down (40kg) with 8 bicep curls (15kg)
3 supersets of 15 squats (50kg) & 15 squat jumps with 10kg dumbbells
1 set of single leg dead lift with 10lb weight 12 each leg - struggled to maintain grip on weight
hanging leg raises managed about 8 in 3 attempts again grip just not working
2 supersets of cable hamstring curls (25kg) 12 each leg, 1 attempt at hanging leg raises just not happening so we switched to a medicine ball crunch, twist & pass combo - I have no idea how many reps
and then I was done :-)
carrying my gym bag home was real effort!

Saturday 26th March
Implementation weekend for the project I have been working on so also a training rest day - which was good as feeling very lethargic and jetlagged still.

Sunday 27th March
Had to go into the office as part of the implementation weekend but thankfully it was only a couple of hours. After a brilliant training week in Florida I decided to take this week as a recovery week & cut back the distance. This was a wise move as I was still feeling really washed out.
Manged to battle it out for 11.29km but it was an effort a battle of the mind v the body. Mind said YES today but body said NO way - 36 minutes in managed to convince the body it was ok & it started to feel easy & pace picked up which was good - overall slow pace though as the first 36 minutes were a real plod - so glad I stuck with it though I was giving it 45 mins & then the body would have won. Felt so tired the last few days but I think it's a stress thing & the running actually helps

Monday 28th March
Enforced rest day 7am start at work & 6pm finish with no break so couldn't get a workout in. Did feel better when I got home about 7pm and now that we have lighter evenings I'll be able to go out running later after work.

Tuesday 29th March - Bestest PT session ever
Don't you just love it when you are so damn tired & you go for a workout & amaze yourself by doing better than usual :-) I'd not slept well for the past 4 nights & wasn't really up for this yet more press ups & hanging leg raises than ever before and heaviest weights ever too....getting stronger :-)

quick cross trainer warm up
3 sets of 2 full chin ups
4 supersets of 10 squat thrust & jumping pull up with 8 underarm cable pull down
3 supersets of 10 wide grip cable pull down with press ups managed 35, 25, 20 & 21 = 101 :-) best ever
3 supersets of lunges with 26kg bar 12 each leg with hanging leg raises managed 18, 14 & 13 - best ever
3 sets of 15 squats 50kg

Wednesday 30th March - Overdoing it!
Lunchtime circuits class
Tough class today
bicep curls 10kg, french press 10kg, chest press 15kg, reverse flyes 2kg dumbbells, agility ladder + slalom + sprint, supermarket sweep + overhead walking lunges 10kg + sprint, weighted bosu hops, 10 step ups + 5 jumps, weighted burpees, double oblique twist, swiss ball plank & punchbag

Accidental 10.3 mile run
Accidentally ran 10.3 miles after work. I just knew I needed to run but had no plan, no expectations, no pressure on myself & I just ran. I felt really strong, really in control, had a stupid big grin on my face & just loved it today.

Thursday 31st March
After PT. circuits & the accidental 10 miler getting up today was an effort - arms wrecked, abs wrecked, legs like 2 dead weights. Indulged in mac cheese for lunch & then a short recovery run after work - legs felt awesome afterwards - shame abs & arms were still agony! still 2 days rest before Sunday's long run when I hope to go further than I ever have before - here's hoping for 18 miles :-)

So guys that was Marvellous March! It really helps me to see my training laid out like that & how I'm progressing all the time.

So here's now hoping for an Awesome April....

Friday 1st April
Total rest day - absolute heaven - how liberating not to lug my gym bag to work, had to carry a very nice bottle of champagne home though - pity I can't drink it for another 50 days! Arms were still wrecked but abs were better and legs feel great so looking forward to Sunday's long run.

Saturday 2nd April
A pretty lazy day today, catching up on some chores and doing the laundry, starting to get anxious about tomorrow's long run but I know I can do it. 7 weeks tomorrow till the Marathon - getting closer but have the Kilomathon up first in 2 weeks.

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow - here's hoping for good running conditions.

Take Care everyone

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  1. Well done, balancing a Holiday and training.