Monday, 18 April 2011

Kilomathon Scotland - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Finally a race report from Sunday's Kilomathon - sorry for the delay.

The alarm went off at 5.30am on Sunday and I was up and eating my usual pre race fuel of Marks & Spencer's Sultana & apple instant porridge by 6am. It was a real struggle but experience has taught me how important it is for long runs to get the correct food in and when is the best time for me - I find about 2 hours before the start works best for me. I also drank some water & a small cup of tea.

The taxi arrived to take us to Ingliston at 6.30am.

Once we arrived I had to collect my race number & timing chip as I was technically a late entry as entered through my charity Bliss and it wasn't all finalised till late March. No problems getting sorted at the help desk though I did feel for the 2 women staffing it and the growing queue - they seemed to have it all under control though.
The sun was already out though it was a little chilly and forecast was for temperatures around 17c.

Just after I came out of the help desk we met KMac & Rob. Kmac was running the half kilomathon.

Several loo trips - luxurious by other race standards as they were real toilets not the usual portaloos and then it was time to go to our starting pens. The half runners were about 3 pens in front of me so I waited with KMac till almost the last minute & then joined my pen which was the last one and I was pretty much at the very end. Experience from this event last year when I was at the start of my pen had meant that I had gone off to fast and then been passed by lots of runners which can be demoralising so I figured if I started at the back the crowd would force me to initially keep the pace down and the I could be motivated by moving my way forward rather than seeming to go backwards.

8am sharp we were off.

Saw Mr Fudgey & Rob on the way past & then saw Mr Fudgey again as I came past the entrance area after initial half lap within Royal Highland Centre. I looked at my garmin and thought oh no I have gone off too fast though I didn't feel like I was going fast so I tried to slow down a little but I was feeling really good.
First water station about 4k - I felt brilliant.
Took on a gel about 6k - didn't really want it but the run was as much about Marathon preparation than anything else.
8k still feeling really good but starting to think there was no way I could maintain this pace for the full 26.2km

Just before 10km on the bridge I saw Kmac ahead of me so when I caught her I fell into stride with her. She looked fab but said she was struggling a little and her IT band was hurting. I stayed with her all the way to 13.1km and walked a little of each km when she was starting to hurt - but looking at my splits it was only really the 13th km that was much slower. Took another gel at about 11k again not really wanted but knew better to have before I needed it. It was really pleasant on the bridge crossing with a nice breeze - though there was still hardly a cloud in the sky.

KMac finished the half in about 1hour 24 minutes and I'm so proud of her.

I still had another 13.1km to run.

Was feeling really strong and pace was still better than I could have hoped for. Knew the killer hill was coming at around 18km so was mentally preparing myself for that. It's a tough one. You can see from my splits where that hill came! I knew after that though that there were only another couple of small hills before 20km & then it was pretty much downhill & flat to the finish.
After the hill I had another gel. It was amazing this time to maintain my pace through the last 6km whereas previously this was where I had struggled.

Back onto the gravel track past the airport at 24km was torture on the feet but my theory was if I ran I'd be over if quicker than if I stopped to walk - I think though this is where the damage to my poor foot was done. It was also pretty hot at this point with no shade from the sun but I knew I was nearly there and that pushed me on.

Coming into The Royal Highland Centre was brilliant - loads of race crew cheering us on. Fab to see the lovely Sarah B too cheering me on - always helps when you hear your own name.

Then into the finishing straight and saw Mt Fudgey & his Dad - I felt absolutely brilliant and even had enough for a sprint finish to bring me in just under 2 hours 50 mins.

Mr Fudgey told me that I looked really strong compared to last time I ran this race where I looked tired at the finish.

It's certainly boosted my confidence for the Marathon.

Through the finish line into the finish area - a bottle of water, medal, energy drink and goody bag.

I need to find out what that energy drink was - not so I can get some so that I avoid it - it was vile - but that's my only negative of the whole event.

Disappointing it wasn't better attended - I think numbers were well down on October.

Being a complete stats geek I've managed to put 2011 & 201 splits side by side and they make me smile - shows me how much stronger I am getting all the time.

Official time was 2 hours 49 minutes 55 seconds.

After the run I had my ice bath and I have to admit my legs although a little stiff on Sunday by Monday didn't feel like they'd run 26.2km, unfortunately my right foot did & I have a very nasty blister & bruising which needed a trip to the doc :-(
This was actually partly my fault as I am prone to blisters and always tape my feet. However on Sunday I taped my feet but didn't put my socks or trainers on straight away. I then walked about in bare feet & the tape slid slightly and wasn't sticking properly but rather than retaping I just put more tape on top. Sore lesson learnt! So no running for me for a good few days to allow it to heal. I have found a way to use this positively though and am threatening to expose what is under the dressing if people don't sponsor me - yes I am that evil ;-%

Hoping to get in a 20 miler this weekend and next before taper caper commences - less than 5 weeks to the Marathon now and I'm in a pretty good place.

Take Care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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  1. Well done on your new pb, hope I get a kilamathon somewhere near me, sounds like a good distance!