Monday, 11 April 2011

Kicking Ass in The Gym

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all today?

I planned to get up today and workout before my course but a bad night's sleep meant that didn't happen. Gorgeous as the hotel is the clock sounding on the hour every hour at St Paul's is not conducive to a good night's sleep.

Even though I left with plenty of time I managed to get a little lost on my way to my course - not a great start to the day.

Thankfully it improved. The course is really good & I'm learning lots. Only 5 other people on it and 2 tutor's so getting loads of 1 to 1 time too.

After the course finished today I decided to hit the gym - no real plan as such as I wasn't sure how well equipped it would be. Didn't feel like a straight treadmill run so decided to add a few bits & bobs
Run 2km
3 supersets of lunges (12 each leg) & 12 alternate bicep curls both using 9kg dumbbells
Run 2km
Failed attempt at bosu squats - their floor too polished = not feeling safe
alternated 10 press ups (5 sets total) & 15 ab extensions with 7kg medicine ball (3 sets)
Run 2km
3 supersets of 30 oblique cycles & 15 reverse curls.

felt sick & shaky by the end & was dripping sweat on the floor - not very glam but fab workout

My unlucky streak continues and as well as a minor collision in taxi on way to airport, fire alarm at airport, magical mystery tour on way to hotel due to DLR replacement bus, and lost on way to course this morning, I have also managed to throw a 9kg dumbbell at myself & it looks like I may have a cracker of a bruise on my left shin - it begs the question what next!!!!!

Well gonna try & get some sleep - can't wait to be back in my own bed tomorrow night though

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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