Sunday, 30 January 2011

Plodding along

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you are all well and have had a good week? I'm much more upbeat than I have been and want to Thank everyone again for their words of encouragement and all their support and for the cards that I received - especially the Pooh & Eeyore one from Kristin :-) Unfortunately I'm now choked with the cold and have an incredibly sore throat - I do wonder if this has played a part in making me feel so down as it was so out of character - so I'm not quite back to normal yet, just plodding along but I'm certainly much better mentally & emotionally than I was, just need to get physically back to health and all will be good.

It's been another busy busy week, but I feel like I've made good progress and even had some lovely positive feedback at work which is always good to hear. No matter what the situation most of us are too often quick to point out the negatives and don't acknowledge the positives in the same way. As I've said before this is particularly true in our judgement of ourselves - I know the way I see myself is not as favourable as others do, yet when I hear someone else berating themselves I give them a hard time & try to present the half full rather than half empty view. A classic example this weekend was one of the guys over on Dailymile who was being quite harsh on himself as he hadn't prepared properly so only ran 8 miles when he had hoped for more.... I pointed out it was 8 miles more than a lot of people & next week will be better. Shame I'm not so forgiving on myself!

So a long work week but all in all pretty good & training was also good up till Friday.

Tuesday - I had PT, I already had a sore throat but nothing serious and PT session was tough as always but fab. Wednesday I felt really rotten and struggled to get up and into work - once I was in and immersed in everything I felt better & even managed circuits at lunchtime though I did feel pretty rough during the class. On Thursday I fitted in 2 runs one before work which I felt great after and much much better than I had earlier in the week & one at lunchtime which was nothing special but more miles in the old legs. Friday I was feeling pretty icky again but it was purely a sore sore throat nothing else - I went for a run after work & managed 45 minutes. The last 10 were great but the first 35 were a struggle a definite plod - I felt I had to do it though to separate work from the weekend & to unwind.

On Saturday Mr Fudgey & I went & bought a new spare bed as we are very very excited that my little Sis is coming to spend a night with us in our new house. We also went off for our weekly food shop and I bought us both a cute mug simply because I liked them & they made me smile. In the afternoon I pottered around with the hoover & having a general tidy up - I don't know why but when I'm poorly I have to keep buzzing about I think i get worried that if I sit down and relax I just won't get going again!

I was determined I was getting up today & doing my long run, but it wasn't to be - I couldn't have run anywhere I was in my pyjamas till almost 5.30pm. My throat has been excruciating and I could hardly swallow but I also started coughing - I wanted to be sick but couldn't so just kept coughing and coughing till my throat was raw and then I burst into tears not once but twice today. Mr Fudgey has been fantastic and so lovely to me and unfortunately now I fear he is getting sick as he has a sore throat too :-(

I did manage to make some luscious soup today though slow roasted tomato and basil - I turned this

to this

I think as well you could make an amazing pasta sauce if you added less stock.

I also very importantly managed to get my fundraising page for this year up and running - so that is a fantastic job done - now I just need to start asking nicely for donations.

Now I'm going to go and gargle with cider vinegar to see if that helps my throat and then hopefully get a good night's sleep.

Take Care all
Love Fudgey


  1. It's so easy to be forgiving on other people and not be the same on yourself! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Nice post Claire. I hope you feel better soon. Have you got the recipe for that soup? It looks delicious!

  3. Very strong antibiotics hopefully will sort me out. Had the soup tonight it was fab - leslie will send you the recipe tomorrow