Thursday, 3 February 2011

On the mend: Rest & Recovery

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry no posts since Sunday, it turned out the sore throat was in fact a very nasty sinus infection. I was at the doctor on Monday & got some really strong antibiotics & instructions to take it easy, so that's meant very little in the way of training this week - but as I'm determined to get back to full health & fitness as quickly as possible for once did mostly as I was told.

Tuesday I was at home all day, mostly in bed reading running magazines & sleeping. Poor Mr Fudgey also had flu like symptoms and felt rubbish so he was off too. I felt a lot brighter on Wednesday so went back to work - it only felt like I was swallowing a pea rather than a golf ball! Poor Mr Fudgey was still off - but he went back today though I think he still feels a little yuck.

Wednesday I decided to go to circuits class but with the caveat that if I didn't feel well I'd just leave - but I managed through the 45 minutes though wasn't as strong as normal but still worked up a sweat. Other than that I haven't trained at all this week, but this has probably done me no harm as rest & recovery were exactly what I needed.

However this evening I am feeling fab so I'm hoping to either fit in my strength training or a run tomorrow - work permitting. I was very good on Wednesday & managed to leave by 5.20pm when I said I was going at 4.30pm & today I was determined to leave at 5pm but ended up rushing out at 6.25pm! I do love that still time after 5pm though when there are no meetings, phone calls, no more emails or interruptions - I get so much done in that time.

All being well I'll be back on the Marathon training plan on Sunday & I'm fully stocked up & prepared as this arrived today:
I was so excited but I couldn't open till I got home, as the packing straps made the 2kg easy to carry.
So I got home & got all my Lucozade Sport goodies out. They have some brilliant deals online & delivery is free over £15 - so go visit them @ lucozadeshop
I'll let you know how I get on with all my products. I've always been a Science in Sport girl but can't wait to try out what Lucozade sport have on offer.

Will be back soon hopefully with a training update!

Take Care all


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Thanks Laura - it just happened all of a sudden this evening - so pleased & can't wait to get back training :-)

  3. Hope the marathon training goes well! Don't rush into it too fast after illness - you don't want a relapse!