Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Great Winter Run - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Back to normality after the festive period?
I was back to work & the health & fitness regime on Tuesday 4th January and so far so good. I've had no fizzy juice, no chocolate, no crisps & no sweets at all, I've fitted in 2 training runs, 1 of which was a hill interval session, I've also been in the gym to do my programme, at circuits class & had a PT session, so little wonder most of the Christmas excess is back off and I lost 4 pounds this week :-) And now here I am with my first race report of the year too.

Pre Race Preparations
No lie in for Mr & Mrs Fudgey on Saturday morning, as we were up getting ready to head off to The Great Winter Run. It had snowed overnight on Friday and we had a good couple of inches of snow lying. I was awoken by a text from Great Run to say that the race would go ahead but it would be over a contingency route
It had been a long and stressful week and I could have done with a rest but what better way to unwind than to be out and running in the snow! Fuel for the race was porridge with cinnamon sugar which I didn't really want but forced it down. I taped my feet and got all my kit organised - I had a number of layers as it was so cold.
We headed off for the bus and were really lucky to be be picked up by Rob who was on his way to support KMac. Thanks Rob :-)

When we got to Holyrood Park we met the lovely KMac & headed to the information tent as I had to change my race number - I had been incorrectly allocated to the last wave of runners with expected times of 36 minutes plus, based on my previous races I should run sub 30 minutes so was changed to the orange wave. I had been feeling nauseous most of the week and had a sore right inner thigh, sore left ITB & sore right shoulder so I was kind of wishing I hadn't complained about my start position, also given the conditions underfoot I really didn't think that a sub 30 minute result would be possible.I was really really looking forward though to completing my first race supporting Bliss & wearing my Bliss vest.

It was bitterly bitterly cold so the boys headed off to get some hot food and Kmac & I went to use the toilets before the race. Soon enough it was time for us to head to our starting areas.
I found myself standing in the orange wave wondering what I was doing there - these people looked like proper runners and I feared that I wouldn't be able to keep up with them, but no time to get anxious as we were warming up and then getting ready for the start gun.

The Race
As always in the first km of any race I've run it was quite congested but it was a good steady 1okmph pace so I felt fairly comfortable just tucked in and not trying to weave in and out, though I did overtake a few people and a few overtook me. Conditions underfoot were slippery and we had been told it wasn't a day for PBs, safety had to come first so I just wanted to get round in one piece - deja vu to 2010's race. Though we weren't running round the hill and the elevation wasn't as steep as it should have been, the first 2.5km were uphill but I ran them better than I've ever ran this route before.

At around 2km I heard someone call my name and saw Richard Hope who I work with was marshalling - this was just the encouragement I needed to dig in and push on - it always motivates me to see people I know. After the turn to head back towards the finish I passed KMac coming up the other side of the road & we high fived - she was looking great & seemed to be running effortlessly.

The last couple of km were downhill and I was flying, I had to hold back a little as it was so slidey on the ground but the pace was fast. I came to the 400m to go mark and I knew I'd paced it just right as I didn't have much more than 1/2 a km left in me. I didn't push at the 200m to go marker either as I was still going faster than my usual pace but at about 100m to go I dug in really really deep for a sprint finish across the line & stopped Mr Garmin at 29 mins 43 seconds. I knew straight away it was a new pb. I was very nearly sick just beyond the finish line a sure sign I had pushed myself hard, but I managed to take some deep breaths, get my chip removed & collect my water & goody bag before seeing Mr Fudgey & Rob, and waiting for KMac to finish - she was in the wave behind mine for starting so started a couple of minutes after me, but didn't finish far behind me.

Post Race
As always a fabulous goody bag from great run, as you can see from the picture. I've had the tshirt on today too and it's really nice.
I had hoped to stay and watch Mo Farah run but it was just far too cold to hang around. We were going to go for a coffee after the run but everywhere was mobbed, I did get some funny looks walking through John Lewis wearing a space blanket - but I didn't care I was happy. Mr Fudgey & I just decided to head home, when we were on the bus I got a text from Kmac to say she had got her official time by text. I had to wait till we got home as I had changed my running number from the pre allocated one but it was worth the wait. Official time of 29 minutes 41 seconds. A new PB by 5 seconds :-)

Geeky Data Stuff
I'm such a data geek so I took some data from Mr Garmin - I won't be offended if you skip past the boring stuff.

I also got more results info from the race website:
Overall: 634th / 1267
Age group & gender: 17th / 92
Age group: 79th / 180
Gender: 174th / 614

very happy with these indeed.

As always many many people to Thank for a great day and number 1 as always - Mr Fudgey. You & Rob both deserve medals for standing in the cold for so long at least KMac & I were running & got warm.
Thanks to Rob for the lift to Edinburgh & suffering the cold to hang around for us.
Thanks to KMac for making it eventful as ever! Thanks to Colin for putting up with me and constantly pushing me to be stronger & fitter.

Another great event organised by Great Run, Thanks to all the organisers & race crew. The marshalls on the course did a fab job.

Thanks to Mum & Dad Smith for a lovely dinner last night too, just what we both needed.

I had a really good day & very positive start to 20111 running - next up half marathon 6th March..... can't wait :-)

Will try & post again soon, life is just so hectic right now it's hard fitting everything in, but I will keep blogging even if it's just once a week.

Take Care everyone
lots of love


  1. Congrats on the pb, especially in the snow!! Sounds like a great race :-)

  2. Congratulations on your new PB - in the snow and all, that's amazing!

  3. Thanks guys. I love this race - looking forward to my half marathon next though - serious training starts next week & I am going to aim for sub 2 hrs if I can