Monday, 24 January 2011

Week 1 Run 1......and 2

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Firstly Thanks for all the kind comments and messages after my last post - very much appreciated and have made me feel better already.

Well I did say yesterday that the Marathon training plan would start officially today & it did with not 1 but 2 runs. This is a new system I've adopted the last few weeks when I can't fit in more than 30 or 40 minutes workout at a time so I split my workout in 2 & do half before or after work & half at lunch. There are various schools of thought on running twice a day some for and some against - but is actually working really well for me at the moment & if I didn't run for 2 half hour sessions I'd being running for a hour - so to me it's pretty much the same thing - though I do find when I split it down I work harder - the other option is just to let everything else take over and not train at all.....NOT an option in my book.
The way I see it as well is it's a good way of building endurance in the legs by allowing a brief recovery between the sessions of a few hours. This system is only temporary as I am planning on building the distances and running for longer periods but at the moment it's a great compromise to make my training fit in around the rest of my life.

So today I fitted in a 5.1km run & a 6.1km run and I feel fab - I also left my ipod at home so both runs were without music but actually really soothing just listening to the rhythm of my feet.

No running tomorrow - personal training day :-)

Off now to heat the Thai green curry soup I've made for dinner - will report back in next post how it tasted.

Take care all

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