Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Long week

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well here we are Sunday evening again & I haven't managed to find time to blog during the week. It's been a case of work hard, train hard this week but I feel really good to be back into my normal routine. So here's a quick round up of my week.

Monday - New Running shoes & Launch night
I was desperate to try out my new running shoes - I'd ordered a pair of Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS & a pair of Saucony ProGrid Guide 2 - yes still a Saucony girl. I tried Asics the last time I got shoes but don't like them for running. So it was a quick treadmill run to try out the new shoes, nice little 4.2km run and new shoes felt fab.
I was back in the evening for the launch of the latest Body Pump & Body Combat classes. My gym was running an aerobathon of the 4 launches back to back, pump, combat, attack & balance. I only stayed for the first two since I'd been in earlier in the day for a run and as I didn't want to be home too late - wasn't too bad as I got home about 8.30pm. I'd made another great soup from The Covent garden soup book - Butternut squash and pancetta which we had with some garlic bread

Tuesday - PT Day
Second PT session of 2011 & the strength training continued - I'm definitely making progress - hopefully it won't be long before I can tick off the challenge of being able to do one full unassisted pull up. The session included 3 sets of 15 squats 70lbs, 3 supersets of incline lunges with 20kg bar & single leg swiss ball hamstrings, 4 supersets of assisted pull ups & tricep dips and then 3 supersets of russian twists & circle crunches. Somehow my shoulder was hurting so the last bit of the session wasn't much fun :-(

Wednesday - RestingMy shoulder was really quite sore so I decided a rest day was in order along with stinking the office out with deep heat spray! I worked late to try and catch up a lot of stuff and ended up staying till just after 7pm. I love that time in the office after 5.30 when most people have headed home and you can get a clear run at stuff with no interruptions.

Thursday - More RunningAt the moment I can't fit in an hour's gym session as I have too much on at work, and a longer journey home means I don't want to stay too late in the evening, so I've been splitting my gym visits into 2 half hour slots - it raises some eyebrows when people think I've been to the gym 8 times in 5 days but it's not anymore than someone who goes 3 or 4 times for a hour or so. I also have to remind people that I will be running the marathon this year - so my training is going to increase in volume. It's good to know though that people care enough about me to make sure I'm not overdoing it. Likewise in terms of work I know if I stay till 7pm every night I'll get a row! I did work on a bit on Thursday night but only till just after 6 so I wasn't home too late. So 2 runs fitted in 3.86km & 3.2km,also 3 sets of 20 compound crunches and the other new shoes tested out.

Friday - Running, video conferencing, abstinence & fire alarms
I managed to fit in a 5.11km run before work - feeling pretty good to be getting back into a regular running routine, these last 2 weeks have been about getting back into the routine and Monday Marathon training starts officially. I decided at lunchtime running wasn't a bright idea as I don't want to overdo it - so settled instead for 13 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes on the cardio wave machine & 3 supersets of 15 ab extensions with 5kg medicine ball - shoulder felt OK & 20 oblique cycles.
On Friday afternoon I did a demo via video conferencing this was another first for me & seemed to go well. I was delivering a demonstration to colleagues in Boston & Montreal and it all went as planned so it was a good end to the working week. After work we had a social event, as I'm now in training again no alcohol for me so I stuck to the sparkling water - but it didn't bother me in the slightest, unfortunately at the start of the event the fire alarm went off and we all had to troop outside - no cardigan, no coat & no umbrella & it started to rain - I was frozen by the time I got back in so stayed for the video presentation and then went up to my desk for 30 minutes work before heading home.

Saturday - Pamper Day
I finally got my hair trimmed and I also got it coloured so I'm now a fair bit blonder. Everyone who has seen me so far seems to like it. I love it. I haven't lost a lot off the length at all as I need to be able to tie in back for working out, but it's been tidied up so looks good. I also had 2 shades of blond put through the top which makes it look a lot different.
Mr Fudgey also had his hair cut - Thank Mum x

Sunday - Unprepared!
I got up this morning full of determination to get out for along run, which did happen in spite of a few minor set backs. I wasn't in the mood to eat but after lecturing others who shall remain nameless about the importance of fueling correctly I thought I had better practice what I preach - I really didn't fancy porridge so instead had some of the Belvita breakfast biscuits & can highly recommend them. I had bought a hydration pack to use for marathon training so that I don't need to carry water, however I hadn't tested this out. I filled it with water but could get any water out of it, I left it on the sofa to go up and get my gloves and came down to realise it was leaking. Thankfully amazing Mr Fudgey sorted it out for me. So eventually I headed out. I had a rough idea where I was going & off I went. 2.5km later Mr Garmin died on me - battery dead. So I don't know how fast I was going or the distance I was covering but actually it was very liberating. I ran a beautiful route along a country road where I was passed by only 2 cars & saw a couple of horses & sheep in the fields - I'll take my camera when I run this again to get a photo for you. After torrential rain yesterday there was blue sky and even patches of sun although it was pretty windy. The route was pretty undulating but I felt strong. As I was getting near home I knew I had maybe only run about 7 or 8 k as I had roughly planned 2 routes and realised I had taken the shorter one, since I was feeling strong & the legs weren't tired at all I added on my regular 5k route to bring me up to a nice 13k (8 miles)
When I got in it was time for the first ice bath in the new house & the first of 2011 - it was not fun at all - I don't think I lasted 5 minutes never mind the 15 I'm meant to sit in them for, but I'll learn to love them again I'm sure.

In the afternoon I got a bit stressed and upset about all the things we needed & wanted to do. Again Mr Fudgey sorted me out - he is the best hubby ever. He went off to do the food shop while I logged on and did a couple of hours work from home. We both then did some housework, Mr Fudgey exercised and I made Broccoli & Dolcelatte soup for tomorrow and prepared this evenings dinner lemony turkey escalopes with mushrooms & baked potato.
Now I'm nearly finished blogging so I'll see if Mr Fudgey wants to watch an episode of something before I make my lunch for tomorrow & get organised for work and the gym.

Take Care Everyone
lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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  1. I've still never braved an ice bath!! You're braver than me haha