Sunday, 28 November 2010

Little Snow Runner

Hello again fudgey friends,

well this was the scene I woke up to today....

but it wasn't going to stop me running. Dedicated or decide!

I wrapped up in my base layer trousers & then my long running trousers, long sleeved top, running jacket, high viz, hat & gloves and off I went. I had only got about 300m when I realised it was far worse than I thought & I wouldn't be going very fast or very far. The snow at this point was maybe about 4 inches deep, but it was starting to snow again & was really heavy.Mr Fudgey took this from our window whilst I was out....

By 600m I had to take off my glasses & put them in my pocket. The roads weren't even clear & the snow was so deep I couldn't see where the kerb was. I managed to make it to my friend's place (about 2km) where I stopped for a cup of tea before heading back home.
Mr Fudgey snapped me running up our street.

and then in our utility room

I loved running in the snow even though it was pretty hard going - it was tough on the ankles. I got some rather strange looks from people who clearly thought I was a bit crazy, but one man said 'Good on you'
Today I never saw another runner at all!

But do you know what I'd go out & do it all over again given half the chance...I loved running in the snow.

Hope you are all safe & warm where ever you are.

Take Care
Fudgey xxxxx


  1. Mental - and just the sort of thing I would do! I love running in the snow too :D

  2. You know what? I was out for 9 miles today and never passed a single other runner! Maybe we are mad!

  3. Well who want's to be normal? I'd rather be mad :-)

  4. I loved running in the snow last year, it felt so hardcore haha! I haven't done it yet this year, I'm full of cold and sore throat at the mo :-( the cold air was too much of a turn off for running!

  5. I am always too scared of falling and breaking something to run when it's snowed!