Sunday, 11 July 2010

Windswept & Weary

Hello Fudgey Friends,

What has it been like where you are today? It's been a real mixture here - strong winds & black clouds followed by blazing sun. It hasn't really rained just a couple of spots - but I wish it would just to clear the air.

I thoroughly enjoyed my rest day on Thursday I think I really needed it. Friday morning saw me back into routine and at the gym early for my treadmill interval session.

Week 2 Run 3
10 minutes easy, followed by 4 x 5 minute intervals 2 minutes hard & 3 easy, finishing with 10 minutes easy for a total of 40 minutes but I ran / walked for another 5. It was great session & really pushed myself in the 2 minutes hard and am delighted that I can now run faster for longer than I have ever been able to before.

I've been really busy at work again this week and was actually there till 6.30pm on Friday - I usually have a rule of not starting early on a Monday or staying late on a Friday but I was working on a document that I wanted to have as complete as possible before leaving.
Saturday I never really got out of first gear - in fact i think I might have been in reverse at one point. I went for a lie down mid afternoon & ended up sleeping for a good couple of hours - I must have really needed it though and it was a real treat for me. Fantastic Mr Fudgey was busy cleaning and tidying so I didn't have to do anything. I made a fab dinner of turkey fillet which I filled with light basil Philadelphia & cooked in the oven with lots of roast veg - I even had my favourites courgette & beetroot :-) In the evening we settled down & watched Taken - which I really enjoyed. When we headed off to bed I thought I wouldn't sleep as I'd napped in the day - but I nodded off no problem. I woke up this morning and was not in the right frame of mind for my long run - I could have quite happily dozed all day.

Week 2 Run 4
Got myself up and had a cup of tea and some oatcake bites, strapped my feet, got my kit on, my doberman alarm, my ipod and a sports gel and some water and off I went. Not inspired running today. Twice I had to stop and walk for a couple of minutes - if I wasn't running into the wind it was hitting me from the side. Apparently it was about 21mph with gusts of 35mph & when you think what a wee fudge I am these days and that I wasn't even managing 6mph today day - that's a bit of a deficit - no wonder pace was slow. The body felt pretty good though - legs feeling strong. I managed to complete the 75 minutes though and was pleased that I hadn't just quit and come home. I appreciate the days I have poor runs as much as the good ones as I usually learn something from them and work harder next session.

Stats for Week 1
Distance run this week 26.44km / 16.43 miles
Time running 3 hours 02 minutes 23 seconds

Good increase from last week. 8 weeks to go.

Sunday afternoon shopping
Mr Fudgey and I headed off to the shops this afternoon - just to get out and about - no specific plans other than picking up some groceries and stopping off for a coffee. I did however come home with a couple of goodies - Mr Fudgey bought me a sweatband - as my hair is still not long enough to tie back but the other day at circuits the sweat was pouring in my eyes. I took part in a fun quiz to see if I'm a gym bunny or a gym rat - see Lovelies blog post - I came out a rat & more often than not probably look like a drowned one LOL. Thanks hubby xxx
I also got a beautiful dress in Next for our little niece Margaret's christening - in a size 8 no less :-) and some Just Pink perfume also from Next - so a successful trip.

And that is all my news for now I think. I'm heading off to make mushroom soup for tomorrows dinner and homemade red pepper and coriander houmous for lunch.

Take Care everyone

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