Thursday, 22 July 2010

Happy Happy Happy :-D

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Have you had a good day?

I've had 2 really good days both at work & the gym. Since I started my new role 4 months ago, I've felt sometimes a little & sometimes a lot out of my comfort zone, but in the last 2 days I really feel like I've found my feet and regained my confidence - it's a great feeling. I really wanted a new challenge and the new role certainly has given me that & I'm starting to really enjoy it & be a bit more me again. I've also regained my workout mojo. I've just been plodding along more out of routine than real desire to train, but the last couple of days I think I had an epiphany of how far I've come, how much I've achieved and how much fitter I am. I still haven't managed a morning gym session this week, but with the following workouts done - does that really matter?
Monday - short run (26 mins) & Body Pump (60 mins)
Tuesday - partial gym programme (35 mins)
Wednesday - Circuits class (45 mins)
Thursday - Personal training (60 mins)
I think I've been way to hard on myself and the morning gym visits will return when the time is right.

Colin's Circuit Class
I only went yesterday as my personal trainer Colin was taking the class & I knew he'd kick my butt if I didn't!
It was a fab class yet again & I think helped fuel my good mood & positive vibe for the rest of the day.
After a warm up, it was onto the circuit, 1 minute at each station for the first circuit, a couple of minutes rest & then 45 seconds at each station before cool down & stretch.
Bosu ball squats with 5kg dumbbells
Supermarket Sweep - another invention of Colin's he'd filled one of the big baskets that normally holds various gym equipment with weight plates & we had to push it from one end of the studio to the other & then pull it back. I thought it was great fun - but too light - so second round Colin jumped in it too!
agility ladder, crawl & 10 bunny hops
ab extensions
swiss ball twists
oblique twists with 6kg medicine ball
upright row with 12.5kg bar
I was my usual sweaty mess by the end - but in such a good mood & so glad I had gone.

PT Session
4 minute row challenge - I managed 870m but I have done 890 before so I need to start working on bettering that. I'm not really competitive with others but very very competitive against myself. I always want to be making small improvements and progressing, even if its just perfecting technique rather than doing more reps or using heavier weights

3 x superset of single arm clean & press 10 each arm, with 10 double squat thrust & press up.

3 x superset of 4 straight leg dead lifts 30lb weights (heavy;-$ but I managed) & 2 long jumps (jumping over a step board)
3 x superset of single arm cable row 12 each arm & cable hamstring curl 12 each leg - both at 20kg

3 x superset of hanging leg raises (12, 10 & 8 reps) with oblique cycles (30, 24 & 20 reps)
It was the first time I'd done hanging leg raises not on the roman chair so my arms were taking my whole weight & I was dangling in mid air, rather than using my forearms as support - I thought I managed OK, I didn't do the 12 reps all in one I had to stop and re adjust my hands a couple of times, but even 6 months ago I couldn't have even imagined attempting that. Next time I'll need to remember my weight gloves as my poor hands really took it today between that & the 2 x 30lb weights for the dead lifts.

I'm hoping after all that I sleep well tonight & Mr B does not give us another 5am alarm call like he did this morning.

I'm aiming for my Friday morning treadmill session - but we'll see what happens.

Happy Birthday Mum
I want to sign off by wishing my Mum a very Happy Birthday. here's a calorie free cake for you! Hope you had a good day. Will see you soon x

lots of love

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