Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another 15 minutes of Fame

Hi Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?
I've had a pretty good day & good week so far - though no morning gym yet....there's always tomorrow.....no seriously tomorrow morning I'm on it!

Love the little guy to bits but not when he is squealing like someone stuck a skewer up his bottom at 2.47am! He was also at it at around 5am so I was shattered & never got up at 6am to head to gym. The picture is one Fantastic Mr Fudgey took at the weekend & just sums the wee dude up.

Best magazine
I appear in this week's Best magazine - page 20 - another article about my weight loss. I feel so proud and really hope that I can inspire others. A huge Thank you to Maria Croce who has written a few articles on me now for The Sun, Boost Magazine & now Best. Thank you also to Maria for the gorgeous flowers she sent me....but poor Mr Fudgey was a little concerned as to who else was sending his little running wife flowers LOL

Week 4 Run 1
First run of the week completed yesterday lunchtime. 27 easy minutes.

Body Pump
I also went to body pump last night - this week taken by the lovely Gary. I am so glad I've gone back to pump - I do really enjoy the classes and I know that it compliments my running and makes me feel good - so I plan to make pump a regular thing.

New Programme
My amazing & lovely personal trainer Colin wrote me a nice new programme a couple of weeks ago as I'd asked him to update the one I had. I asked him to focus mainly on upper body as I get plenty of leg work in with the running and usually during our PT sessions. I hadn't yet managed to road test it for one reason or another, but lunch time today I decided to give it a go and see how much I could get through in 30 to 40 minutes.
Warmed up with 5 minutes on the cross trainer, then onto the programme
3 supersets of swiss ball chest press with 15kg bar x 15 & 12 swiss ball press ups. I managed pretty well till the last set of press ups and had to do the last 6 on the floor without the ball
next should have been cable pull downs & upright rows - but cables were in use so I moved onto the next exercise & didn't have enough time to fit these in at the end.
3 supersets of 12 french press with 10kg bar & 12 seated bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
then onto ab work
3 sets of 15 compound crunches
3 sets of 20 crunch, extend & lift.
All in all it went pretty well,and I worked up a sweat but I think I need to find an alternative for the cable pull downs as the cables are quite popular. I'm really pleased I went to the gym and did my programme even though I couldn't fit it all into the time I had, but I'd rather go and do something than not go at all. I will need to get Colin to demonstrate the ab exercises again & get me to do them so he can correct my technique as I'm not convinced I did exactly what I was meant to.

Sports Massage
My right hip has been quite tense for a few weeks now, actually it started under my buttock but kind of moved round, so I thought with 7 weeks to the Glasgow half that I had better go and get a maintenance massage before I needed a corrective one or even worse the tension turns into an injury. I've also had a little bit of a sore shin - not when I am running or working out but just sometimes feels like I've been kicked hard. Clare worked her magic yet again and has straightened me all out. I'm hoping as well that my massage will help with a good night's sleep..........as long as little B man behaves....no squealing in the early hours please Beauber.

and that my fudgey friends is all my news, other than another Thank you to Dad Smith for the first class gardening, dish washing and delivery service. Thanks Dad x

Take Care Everyone

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