Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fast Fudgey

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you? Can you believe it's hump day already?
My new Asics running shoes arrived today. I bought them as a little treat to myself and also as the product information read 'A superb performance running shoe with a focus on providing a lightweight construction. The DS Trainer 14 continues as a lightweight favourite but has increased levels of cushioning and support to provide more versatility as an everyday training shoe for faster paced training. ' faster paced training - well if I want a sub 2 hour half marathon sounds like just what I need!! Yes I already have 2 pairs of running shoes but I have run over 700km so far this year so another pair will get put to good use. I'm hoping the new running shoes will motivate me for a morning session tomorrow but given recent track record - don't hold your breath!

Week 5 Run 1
20 minute easy run. No problem. I'm starting to get really back into it again and enjoying it.

Body Pump
I went to pump again on Monday evening and it was a great class and a really good way to destress after a busy day at the office.

is really good but busy busy, but that keeps me out of trouble and I'd rather be busy than not.

Andy took circuits for the first time in a good few weeks and pushed us really hard. It was a busy class as well which was nice as recent weeks have seen only 4 or 5 people but there was at least double that. It also saw the reunion of KMac, Smurfy & Fudgey - the first class we've all gone to together in ages. The stations were:
sprint with 5 press ups at each end
squat jumps
standing long jump
tricep dips
sprint was burpee at each end
punch bag jabs
overhead barbell lunges
bunny hops
plyometric lunges
squat with alternate push press
dumbbell jabs
tricep press ups
sit ups
superman extensions
bag punch

as well as some ski sits, spiderman crawls with burpees, squat thrusts & press ups thrown in just to finish us off at the end.
Andy - you are evil....but we still Love ya!

My Personal Trainer is trying to kill me
seriously I think he is! Today was revisting an old favourite fast 1km runs with some lovely overloading in between.
Previous best time for a km 5 mins 27 secs but an average of around 5 mins 40 secs so aim today was to try to equal or better 5:27 & certainly no slower than 5:40

1st km 5 mins 19 :-)
3 sets of burpees 20, 18 & 16
2nd km 5 mins 14 secs :-)
3 sets of single arm clean & press 12, 10 & 8 each arm
3rd fudgey woo hoo 5 mins 08 secs. Where this came from I have no idea & that's without the new shoes :-D I did however look like I'd just swam the Forth.

then onto abs
3 tri sets of slow leg lifts, russian twist & windscreen wipers - I think Colin made the name for that one up!
3 super sets of single arm cable rows & wood chops.

I was dripping sweat, a lovely shade of pink & knackered. I think PT stands for Personal Torture....& I pay for this? Am I mad?.....YES actually I probably fact no probably about it LOL.

So now I'm chilling out. Going to get a cup of tea & veg out in front of Big Brother with Mr Fudgey. I should add he is not a BB fan - he just humours me!!!!

Take Care everyone
Fudgey xxx


  1. Personal Torture - I like that! Seriously though, I think having a trainer would make me work a lot harder than I do on my own. I've never tried it, though.

  2. Many people see having a trainer as a luxury or an indulgence but though I know I would have lost the weight without him I certainly wouldn't have the body shape I do now - without the expert guidance, encouragement & focus I get from having a PT.