Monday, 20 June 2011

Race Report - Race for Life 10k

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Yesterday morning saw Mr Fudgey & I up early on our way to Edinburgh for The Race for Life 10k.

The race wasn't till 10am but due to the Sunday bus service we had to get the bus at 7.30am. Once we got to town we went to Starbucks for coffee & for me to make my now ritual dozen trips to the loo before a run!

Then we wandered down to Holyrood Park which was a sea of pink. It really was fab & the rain held of for us which was brilliant. Yet again I joined the toilet queue & I had to say the organisation was amazing there were actually people directly you to the portaloos as they became free which made the queue move really quick. The loos for a change also had toilet roll!

After the warm up from Rosemary Connelly, it was off to the start line where I found myself right at the front. This was great as in previous years I've got caught up in the walkers & had to weave in and out & unable to maintain any pace but as I was so close to the front I got a really good start - too good as I went off way to fast & blasted through the first km in 4 mins 30 seconds - way beyond my capability to maintain that sort of pace & I paid for it in the next 3km. Not helped by the fact I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last week or so & by 4k I felt that was it & seriously thought I'd have to stop. Thankfully though there soon as water stop & I slowed to a walk whilst I sipped the water. After another 2km I felt much better and finished the last 4km really strong & finished in 58 minutes 15 seconds.

It was a brilliant but tough course & I'll certainly be using it again as a training route.

When I was struggling I read the back signs on the ladies in front of me & was so inspired by them. I also had 2 runners stop and tell me they loved my back sign & that I inspired them.

I also saw a few people I know - Emma Younger, Linda Thomson & the lovely Emma Wrigley.

I also saw Denise Thomas & her daughter Meghan after I finished as they were running the 5k.

Race for Life truly is an amazing event & I feel so privileged to have been able to take part again this year. This year it was really really well organised, was a fantastic course & an amazing atmosphere.

Once across the finish line I've never been so glad to get a bottle of water in my life. I also collected my medal & my goody bag

Afterwards I popped to the gym to get showered & cleaned up & then took Dad Smith & the rest of the family to Cafe Andaluz for Father's Day lunch - by the time we'd had lunch & got home I could hardly move - I ate way too much - but the food was gorgeous.

Today I'm still coughing & spluttering all over the place so took a well deserved rest - just need to try & shift this cough.

Take Care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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