Saturday, 11 June 2011

Random Ramblings

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
I'm Ok been a wee bit off colour this week but it's not really held me back - I've been working & training hard as usual.

Wasn't sure what to post about today so apologies in advance for the random ramblings!

So where has this week gone - so fast yet again.

Training this week
I ran on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday - nothing particularly spectacular - just plodding really. Hill intervals on Wednesday morning though were brutal.

PT on Monday afternoon
Great workout. On a lot of things the initial weight was too light & asked to up it :-)
warm up set of 15 squats 14kg

3 tri sets of 15 squats @ 55kg, 20 alternate backwards lunges with 8kg dumbbells & 15squat jumps with 8kg dumbbells - squat weight definately needs to go up next week starting to feel easy

4 supersets of pull ups (4,3,2,2) & cable rows 12 each arm first set 20kg & other 3 @ 22.5kg

3 supersets of 15 leg extensions (first set 25kg, other 3 @ 30kg) with 12 front squats (first set 15kg & other 3 @ 17.5kg)

4 supersets of 10 assisted (26kg) pull ups with hanging leg raises (8,7,6,4+5)

Circuits Class on Wednesday lunchtime
After morning gradient intervals did this at lunch
11 stations 1 min 15 each
2 jack 2 back, weighted step ups, triple crunch & extend, komodos, punch bag, bicep curls, tricep press ups, chest press, clean & press, slalom & bunny hops & power bag shuttles
then to end us Tabbata
4 sets of 20 secs with 10 secs rest, plyometric lunges, shuttle runs & burpees.....pure evil

200 Sit Up Challenge & 100 Press up Challenge
Week 4 Day 1 200 sit up challenge. After a run & PT I could have skipped these but determined to stick with it - kind of hurt a little LOL
5 sets 32-38-32-32-53 = 187 Total

After hill intervals & circuits on Wed I'm sure you'd forgive me skipping these - not to mention a couple of glasses of wine....but I signed up so best get them done -alternated sets of sit ups & press ups.
Week 4 day 2 200 sit up challenge 38-45-38-38-60 = 219
week 4 day 1 100 press up challenge 21-25-21-21-32 = 120

Friday - I'm beginning to wonder why I thought this was a good idea - thought I was going to throw up!
alternated sets of sit ups & press ups as I missed doing the press ups on Thursday
Week 4 day 3 200 sit up challenge 45-50-45-45-70 = 255 Total - onto week 5!
week 4 day 2 100 press up challenge 25-29-25-25-36 = 140 Total - actually think the last set was 35.5 - 1 day left of week 4 but getting really hard.

Hard as they are I'm sticking with both of these challenges. I think that I may have to repeat week 4 on the press ups as they are certainly the harder of the 2 but I will get there

Things that make me Smile
Been busy pottering about doing laundry and tidying this morning & snapped a few photos to share. I also took a few old snaps of my camera that I realised I've not posted.

Beautiful flowers from Mr Fudgey - including my favourites Gerberas

Anything Beetroot

Visit from Angus, John & Caroline last week

Nice Smelling things - gift from John, Angus & Caroline

Our Babies

A few mentions
Good Luck to everyone taking part in The Moonwalk this evening - I hope the rain goes away for you.
Good Luck to everyone currently taking part in The Caledonian Challenge
Good Luck to anyone taking part in Race for Life this weekend - my event is next Sunday

Well done to my eldest niece Rose for passing her first dancing exams :-)

Last but not least Good Luck to my amazing Sis - hope you don't have to wait too long for the new arrival and that you are all back home together very soon.

I'm off now to see what I can conjure up in the kitchen for dinner.

Have a great weekend all

lots of love


  1. Beautiful kitties! They make me smile too

  2. Wow what a busy week. A day of pottering about was probably quite a rest day. Eell done for keeping up 2 challenges