Monday, 13 June 2011

Taking Control

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

I'm good after a very lazy weekend - probably just what I needed & a bit of time for reflection I've realised that I've been a bit out of control for the last couple of weeks & for a control freak like me it's not a good place to be.

I've been running a little & working out as well as continuing my 2 challenges 100 pres ups & 200 sit ups, but my eating is all over the place & after 5 months of no alcohol I've certainly made up for it in the last couple of weeks. So last night I decided I was going to take charge & regain control.

After completing my press ups,
Week 4 Day 3 felt very nauseous & shaky by the end...have printed off week 5 though
29-33-29-29-(37+3) = 160 Total
Last set interrupted by the cat who was not very impressed & sat & cried at me!!

I prepared breakfast, lunch & snacks for today and took lamb steaks out of the freezer for dinner.

This morning I got up & ran - I pushed it really really hard & the only way to describe it was short, speedy & sweaty - I also felt a bit sick at the end as I pushed it really hard. The problem was I was really short on time - so decided short on time BIG on effort.

Then off to work - had a great productive day & really enjoyed my healthy food & snacks.

After work I had Personal Torture - sorry I mean Personal Training. It was a really tough session & I felt shaky & sicky after the squats right till the end - but I didn't give up. I was over the moon that my squat weight went up this week too - really showing progress - just need to nail that pull up now.

warm up set of assisted (19kg) pull ups - 15 reps
4 supersets of 8 assisted (12kg) pull ups with 30 Komodos
4 supersets of 12 cable pull down 55kg with 10 squat thrust & jumping pull up
3 tri sets of 15 squats 64kg (woo hoo new weight this week), 16 medicine ball lunges 8kg & 24 plyometric lunges
3 tri sets of 15 bosu squats with 9kg weights, 8 bosu lunges each leg with 9kg weight & 45 second bosu plank

I had a banana for after my session which I ate on the way to the bus but I actually think I ate too little today - from one extreme to another - with the result that when I got home I picked at things whilst dinner was cooking :-(
Never mind it was still a pretty good day & I know where my danger points are so just need to watch out for them. Tomorrow I'll be better.

Blogger Issues
Just a quick hello & Thank you to all my amazing blog friends & followers - at the moment I can't see my followers gadget & I can't comment on any blogs :-(
Trying to resolve but easier said than done.
Anyway I'm still reading everyone's blogs & comments.
I just want to mention a couple of my favourite blogs - you'll see them in them in the side bar too.
Jags Fitness Blog See Jo's paleo progress - Jo inspires me constantly & I'd be happy to be half as hot as she is :-)
Box, Run, Eat read about Laura's awesome half marathon performance - one day I'll sub 2 hours as well :-)
Runner Mum read about Liz's first trail race - I want to do one now too :-)

Well guys I'm going to indulge in an early night - I think I earned it after PT.

Will be back soon
Take Care all



  1. Thanks for the kind comment! I would definitely recommend that race for next year, it was lovely! As long as you don't mind a few hills!

  2. Dechmont isn't too far from me ;-)

  3. I laughed out loud about your cat! Sounds like something mine would do heheh I remember reading someones blog where their cat came a pumped right near their face when they were doing a plank haha naughty animals! Thanks for the shout out :D Glad your blogger issues are fixed now, it seems to be going crazy for lots of people right now... so far I haven't had any problems... hope I didn't just jinx myself!!