Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Out of Control

Hi Fudgey Friends,

After taking control yesterday, my eating was out of control today - I don't know what was wrong but I just ate all day. Been feeling very odd too - then again me being odd is maybe not anything new!

I went for a quick run after work but called it a day after half an hour and came home.

Completed the end of week 4 Maximal press up test. Another maximal test before moving onto week 5 if you manage at least 31 press ups.
39 done
Couldn't squeeze out a 40th - feeling pretty crap today so 39 will just have to do & means I get to move onto week 5 :-)
No interruption from the cat today as I let him out into the garden & he sat on the wall & surveyed his kingdom!

Then I started week 5 of the 200 sit up challenge
Week 5 Day 1 of the 200 sit up challenge. As I said been feeling a bit odd today but still managed these.
Today 54-60-45-36-75 = 270 Total

Next step of the challenge sees the sets go up to 8 rather than 5 but with less reps - so we'll see how that goes.

Then shower, food, washed kit for tomorrow, made lunch and stuff for tomorrow - I will regain control of my eating tomorrow

Now to bed - life in the fast lane!

Take Care all
lots of love
Fudgey xxxx


  1. That is so frustrating - I know how you feel! Hopefully you're not getting sick or something...

  2. Wahay 39 push-ups is awesome! I really should do that 100 push-up program again.. I have some strange mental block with it but it does seem to work so well!