Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 8

Hello again everyone

Well no blog action for over 3 weeks and then 2 posts in less than 24 hours! 

I have also been getting organised to write my race report from the half marathon by getting the photos  sorted out so I will hopefully get that written soon too.

So this is my official marathon training for week 8, this is last week, the week beginning 23rd March, not where I hoped I would be, but slowly returning to running from illness and better than no running

First full week of my time of work and looking forward to spending some time with Bug and had a plan for lots of running amongst other things.

Monday - I still felt rubbish so phoned for a doctor's appointment to be told no appointments till 7th April! Unless it was an I explained that I didn't think it was but that that I also couldn't wait over 2 weeks, thankfully the nurse practitioner called me back and saw me later that morning and prescribed an antibiotic that seems to have sorted me out :-)

Managed to get a lot scored off my to do list, called the hairdresser and rearranged my hair appointment from when I was ill, called the joiner and arranged for him to come and get a few things done. Moo got a good scrub after being run over by the buggy on Sunday unfortunately though no sooner was Moo clean but Moo 2 suffered the same fate and needs a bath. I handed in Bug's Giant Wiggle sponsor money at the nursery and spoke to the manager about her funded place. I also bought, wrote and posted some birthday cards and gifts. I also got a few chores like laundry etc done so a very productive day, though no running.

Tuesday - less productive and we just stayed home in the morning. I indulged in a sneaky afternoon nap once Bug was dropped at nursery.

Wednesday - WOO HOO first run in 17 days, aspired for 2 miles, felt good so revised goal to 3 miles, still feeling good......5.1 miles done....very very happy.

Thursday - Pru health vitality health check in Edinburgh at 10.20am so a quick 1.56 miles before heading into town. Health check mostly good, great blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol but the negative...being overweight....well not anything I wasn't expecting and know that I need to get back on track with my weight loss too. 
Lovely lunch with Lyndsey Esland at All Bar One, some shopping and got my glasses adjusted at Boots before heading home.  Running kit on and ran another 2.05 miles to nursery to pick up the little lady, but bus back home.

Friday - Mr Fudgey had a day off and it was lovely for us all to spend the day at home together.

Saturday...A visit to the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh meeting up with my amazing sister and Bug's 3 big cousins. A fabulous day was had by all and we will definitely be taking Bug again

Sunday - another run :-) 3.48 miles

So 4 small runs in week 8, as I said not where I would hope to be but hoping to increase it over the next few this space.

Take Care everyone and I will post again soon

Fudgey xxx

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