Friday, 10 April 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 9

Hello all

Hope you are all having a lovely Friday evening and are looking forward to the weekend.

Life has kind of overtaken me again and I find myself playing catch up. This week is week 10 but I haven't written a week 9 post. I seem to have completely lost control this week....back to work and still catching up from 17 days off, my stomach is playing up again making me pretty miserable, I haven't run this week, I've done no laundry, not started my Asda shop, no blogging and still no half marathon race report and this doesn't sit well with me.
So here is last weeks update. Running wise I had an amazing week, my first 30 mile week since 2011....last time I was marathon training 

Monday...It was wet wild and windy here but I managed a bracing 3.22 miles

Tuesday...took the wee one to Bookbug in the morning at the library which she loved now she is big enough to join in all the words and actions of the nursery ryhmes. Time to fit in a quick 30 minutes 2.61 miles after dropping Bug at nursery and before getting my hair cut in the afternoon.

Wednesday.... A rest day! Trip to the shops in the morning, post office and bank. Laundry, cleaning in the kitchen and gutted the ensuite. amazing 11.06 miles.... Feel like training back on track

Friday...another rest day

Saturday ....a lung busting 3.51 miles....ran faster than I have all of was also hot and sunny :-)

Sunday....another 10.07 miles....this was a total slog, really struggled but job done.

This week saw the end of March so I totalled my monthly mileage....43.63 miles for March....down on Jan and Feb but long runs getting longer.

Unfortunately week 10 hasn't been as great running wise but I will get a long run in this weekend.

I am slowly regaining control, have cleared my 500+ emails at work and hope to be back on track with everything next week. Darks load washed tonight and in dryer, whites loaded in machine and will get my wee laundry assistant to put on in the morning. Fruit and vegetables cleared out of Fridge and drawers washed, Asda shop booked and half done, and this blog post written.

Time to head upstairs and get the swimming kit ready for tomorrow and then into bed....hopefully for a lie in beyond 6am

Take Care everyone 
Lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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