Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Official Marathon Training Weeks 6 & 7

Hello all

How are you all?

Firstly an apology, i didn't intend to leave it so long to post after the half marathon and I haven't forgotten that I have a race report to write, please bear wirh me and I will try to get back on track.

Week 6 & 7 involved no running, not a single step :-(
No gym either for weeks :-(

After the half marathon I was pretty tired an planned to take a couple of days to recover and then get back on with marathon training maybe on the Wednesday or Thursday....
Wednesday night .....sore stomach getting increasingly worse so went off to bed....
4am up being violently sick....
Got up at 6am, got ready for work, got wee one ready for nursery....sick on attempting to leave house....
So a day in bed being sick right through till the afternoon.
Decided on the Friday to go into work around lunchtime as had lots to do, maybe not one of my brightest ideas....felt rotten
Managed the wee one's swimming lesson on Saturday morning but spent the afternoon back in bed with a sore stomach

So feeling pretty miserable no running in week 6

Week 7 and Monday saw me off to London for work, my hotel was right beside Hyde Park and I packed my kit hoping to run round The Serpentine before breakfast and my day at TSAM Congress and Expo, but sadly it was not to be. I still felt rubbish and though I managed to eat with a colleague on Monday evening I was in my room and tucked up by 9.30pm.

The congress and expo on Tuesday was interesting and I made some good connections with some of our vendors, it was a long day though and I was very careful about what I ate and drank as my stomach was still not happy. Unfortunately I also received a message from hubby that he had started being sick too. Straight from the event to the airport and home. Hubby was still off Wednesday too, and I was still not back to 100%.

Thursday was my last day in the office for 17 days.

Friday my first day off and a trip into Edinburgh 

Saturday a visit from my Uncle Kenneth and he got to meet Miss Bug, she loved him

Unfortunately I still wasn't feeling great and still no running :-( but being sensible and napping at the same time as the wee munchkin.

Good news is that I am now back running and week 8 does include some running. Not panicking yet about the marathon.

I will be back soon with a week 8 post and I will get a race report done as soon as possible 

Take care all
Fudgey xxx

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