Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Lost Blog Post


Well it is a total mystery, I have no idea what happened to my blog post last night. I really struggled to get writing & spent about 20 minutes just getting started. An hour later I had a decent post, pressed publish.....& it vanished. Looking at the blogger dashboard the save button is beside publish so even if I clicked the wrong button it would be in drafts - but no not there. Now blogger used to auto save as you worked, I'm guessing the new version no longer does?  Anyway here I am back again with my update from last week. My wee assistant is lying beside me to keep me right......

Last weeks sessions
: Planned to run Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.....

TUESDAY: No run - my own fault really, had planned to run when the little one went to bed, but hubby also wanted to workout, I could have gone for my run as soon as he came in from work but I hadn't eaten enough to allow me to do that & then by the time I prepared food & we ate it was almost 8pm, meaning I wouldn't be able to run until closer to 10pm - far too late for me. Already running at 9pm is a new challenge as I am so energised it's hard to sleep. Hey ho it's all a learning curve balancing being a wife, mum & home maker & just when I think I have things sussed it all changes again - keeps us all on our toes!

WEDNESDAY:  Session 1: 20 minutes, walk 1 min, run 6 min. Managed this quite easily on the treadmill even though I wasn't really in the mood

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 24 minutes. My first proper run with Bug & the Viper (model name of our travel system) Picked the travel system for it's size, ease of use, weight & being an all terrain sports model. Well running coach Bug wasn't very motivational - she slept the whole way! What a totally different experience running with the pram - hard workout......alters your stride if you run with it directly in front of you, makes you hold your body much more upright & you can't swing your arms if your hands are on the handle, also for that reason couldn't carry a water bottle but put one in the basket underneath & got a drink at the traffic lights when we waited to cross. Managed to run for 28 minutes.

SATURDAY: Far far to tired to run, actually went to bed right after the little one did.

SUNDAY: Run 26 minutes. Even though quite humid it was also pretty windy out. Managed a 30 minute run. It also occurred to me that regardless of where I head off to (unless its the treadmill) my homeward run is always going to be uphill!

So the 3 planned sessions done, not when planned but done & that is what is important :-)
This weeks planned sessions: Plan to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Session 1: Run 28 minutes
Session 2: Run 30 minutes
Session 3: Run 20 minutes
Session 4: Run 5K
Very excited to have signed up with 6 other lovely but crazy ladies to take part in The Zombie Evacuation Race in October. Mind you I will probably pee myself when the first realistic zombie jumps out on me from behind a tree. If anyone else is interested in joining our team it's not too late so please get in touch with me, or get your own team together, & they are also looking for zombies.
I completed this last Tuesday :-)
Restarted it on 1st July adding in weights & bicep curls to make it harder.
Also started this on 1st July but fear it may have killed me by the end of the first week. Leg raises are agony on my sacro iliac, ok if I lift one leg at a time but not both together so I shall find an alternative to the leg raises. I really need to get something done about this problem with my back but massage hasn't helped & my GP was useless telling me it was because I'd had a baby & to take paracetamol. This doesn't bother me on a day to day basis or stop me doing anything other than being able to lie flat on the floor & raise both legs at the same time.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson
Tuesday - a very busy day, trip into Edinburgh, lots of people to see, deliveries to make & things to do.
Wednesday - Bookbug session at the library then lunch with Gran, Grandpa & Father Tabone
Thursday - Bug had a total pyjama day, I only got dressed for us to go for our run, think we both needed a day like this.
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth group in the morning, followed by lunch with some of the ladies & babes. Great to see Elaine & Max back after their holiday & really nice for Renee to join us for lunch too. in the afternoon I went & had my hair chopped.

Saturday & Sunday - nothing much to report - nice quiet weekend but we did manage to Skype my sister & the 3 pink princesses :-)
The below goals were set on 16th June........so 2 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......managing 4k near to comfortable at the moment & if I can stick to my training this should be achievable.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run 10k.......lets get the 5k nailed first.....
I need to get my diet back on track, I was doing really well, but increased activity = increased appetite & I haven't made the right choices in the last week. I'm reassured though as I know exactly where mistakes have been made & how to address them. The aim is to lose a stone over the next 14 weeks -  a pound a week should be easily achievable if I keep focused. I'm like a yo yo at the moment 3 pounds on, 2 pounds off, 2 pounds on.....aaaarrgh....I know what I need to do though & I need to get more prepared, when I was doing well I was taking my snacks, lunch etc out & about with me. I also need to ditch my bread head - just seem addicted to bread just now. However it is very deceiving to be ruled by the scales as I have actually lost 2 inches off my hips & 1 off my waist. I am therefore taking a slightly different approach & have weighed & measured on 1st July & won't again till 1st August so will update you then.
Well I think that is everything from last week....time for a quick cuppa before I feed a wee Bug - she actually fell asleep while I wrote this, I knew she would as she hasn't slept much today....
Take Care everyone
Fudgey x x x x

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