Monday, 15 July 2013

Another week for firsts

Hello Fudgey followers

How are you all?

We are all good & despite it being quite a quiet week for us in general, due to the heat & I actually just need a bit of time out of our hectic social scene, it's had a couple of momentous moments........

Buggy's first tooth is emerging. There isn't a great deal to see as she isn't that cooperative in showing us, but you can feel it & I have been able to get a little glimpse.

The big news of the week & something I've been keeping secret for about 6 weeks is that I returned to my first running event post baby on Sunday. Taking part in The Great Edinburgh 5k. Separate race report will follow soon.

Only a handful of people knew I was running. I chose to keep this very low key so as not to put any undue pressure on myself & in case I had to withdraw.

As some of you may know it was only 11 weeks ago that I was admitted to hospital seriously ill, at that point I had been signed up for The Edinburgh Marathon festival 10k, but with it being only 3 weeks away I had to withdraw as I was nowhere near fit or capable enough of running. Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend came & I was quite gutted not to be part of it so started to look for something else. With only 5 weeks to go I took the decision to sign up for The Great Edinburgh Run 5k. I did consider the 10k but knew with a baby & being ill that this was a big demand on me so decided to be cautious & try & ease myself back in with the 5k. I loved being back & did better than I hoped but more on this in my race report.

Last weeks sessions: Planned to run Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

TUESDAY: Session 1: Run 30 minutes. It was a roasting day & I really feared going for this run even though I didn't go till 9pm. I was pleasantly surprised I had a lovely chilled out wee run with a gorgeous breeze keeping me cool. In fact I think was cooler outside than I was at home.

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 20 minutes. This run was truly awful, I was insufficiently hydrated, it was far too hot & humid & my legs felt so heavy, it was like trying to run through treacle with someone holding the back of my top to stop me moving forward, but I got it done.
SUNDAY: Session 3: Run 5K. Well you already know I ran 5k on Sunday. Managed it in 34.56 slow compared to pre baby but my fastest 5k post baby & better than I had hoped.
This weeks planned sessions: ..........
At the moment there is no plan. I want to take 2 or 3 days off running before starting back & I need to decide whether to focus on speed or distance. I think I'll probably run a couple of times later in the week with no agenda other than just enjoying it & embark on the next phase of my return to fudgey fitness next week.
Now at Day 15 in both of these. Squats going well but abs very challenging but still hanging in there just - managed a 60 second plank today.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents. I had a hectic afternoon as usual. One of these weeks I will actually manage to spend my Monday afternoon relaxing.
Tuesday - We had planned to go to Bookbug but us girls went to back to bed at 8.15am & never woke till 10.15. We took a brief trip down to the shops but it was far far too hot for the both of us so we spent the rest of the day inside trying to stay cool.
Wednesday - we made it to Bookbug in the morning but again stayed home in the afternoon as it was just too hot.
Thursday - I had my initial consultation with the chiropractor. My back has been bothering me since after having the wee one, it's not a problem yet but I wanted to take action to make sure it didn't become a problem. The GP's answer was 'what do you expect you've just had a baby - take paracetamol' Errr no that is not the answer. I also had a couple of massages and although they helped I felt they were treating the symptoms not the root cause. So off I trotted to the chiro - have to say I was very impressed & he was totally on the same wavelength as me with regards to mobility, health & treatment / proaction not reaction. I have been today for my first adjustment & have to say I feel looser & less tangled already.
Friday - looked like being another scorcher so we got up early & headed to Livingston for some shopping & then home by 10am & hid from the sun again! I inflated the paddling pool & when it was much cooler in the evening a lovely Fudgey Daddy filled it & a certain little girl had an absolute ball.
Saturday - again too hot for us so we didn't get up to much. Bug went to stay with her Grandparents again as we had hoped to take her with us to the race on Sunday but we were quite worried given how hot it has been & it turned out we mad absolutely the right decision. Thank you Granny & Grandpa.
The below goals were set on 16th 4 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......So I have now done 5k 3 times, started at 38 minutes 40 seconds, then 36 minutes 27 seconds & my official race time from Sunday 34 minutes 56 seconds. I don't know if I'd say that I can comfortably run 5k as I keep pushing myself hard to do better but the fact that in 4 weeks I've knocked almost 4 minutes off my time I think it's probably fair to say I can tick off my 5k goal.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run I have 6 weeks to be able to run 10k.....looking for races......Scottish Gas 5 & 10k are 22/09 (10 weeks) & Linlithgow 10k 29/09 (11 weeks) need to think about this......
Well I think that is us all up to date again. Busy wee week planned this week if it is cooler.....
Take Care everyone
Fudgey x x x

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