Monday, 8 July 2013

6 months already

Hello all

How are you all? Basking in this glorious sunshine? Been enjoying Wimbledon & The Tour de France?

As usual it's been a busy wee week here.

Someone was 6 months old this week......where on earth has the time gone?

Love her so so much :-)
RUNNING UPDATELast weeks sessions: Planned to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
MONDAY: Session 1: Run 28 minutes - Ran 30 minutes at lunchtime after dropping Madam off & really enjoyed it.

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 30 minutes. Done on Thursday morning on the treadmill with my new coach - Coach Bug watching. Had been too tired on Wednesday night so postponed to Thursday - she was due a sleep so took her with me. Had to do it in 3 x 10 minute sessions just to check on her but she fell asleep after 25 minutes & then slept for over an hour.

I know people have different opinions on whether taking this approach was the right thing to do or not. I certainly wouldn't take her in my garage gym in the winter or for longer than 30 minutes or if she was distressed I would stop immediately, but I think it is really important that she sees Mummy exercising & trying to be fit & healthy & that she grows up with that positive image.

FRIDAY: Session 3: Run 20 minutes - Did this one on the treadmill too - I know I managed the 20 minutes but can't remember much more than that.
SUNDAY: Session 4: Run 5K..... Plan was to get up early & do this but it ended up being 9.05pm by the time I headed out. Was determined I was running 5k non stop - first 3k were really good, really steady, but got to 3.5k & wanted to stop - was very hot & was struggling with taking on the water from my bottle & running - a skill I will need to master again, but I was determined I wasn't stopping. Got to 4k & then got a second wind & the last km was actually my fastest. My time for 5k was 36 minutes 27 seconds -  a lot slower than I have done in the past but then I was at my fittest & hadn't carried a baby for 9 months & given birth - so I am very pleased. This is the first time I have run 5k non stop outside. I did it 2 weeks ago when I ran 40 minutes non stop on the treadmill & that took 38 minutes 40 seconds - so I am making will just take time & hard work.
This weeks planned sessions: Plan to run Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Session 1: Run 30 minutes
Session 2: Run 20 minutes 
Session 3: Run 5K
However this is all dependent on the weather. I'm really finding the sun hard going - but hopefully if I do these when the wee one goes to bed it'll be much long as I'm not too tired.
Other running related news - I need to lubricate my dear treadmill Trev. Have looked out the instructions - but if any of my treadmill owning running chums have any hints or tips from experience they'll be gratefully received.
Now at Day 8 in both of these. Squats going well but abs very challenging & I don't know how much further I'll get with those but I shall persevere.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents.
Tuesday - trip into Edinburgh & met Sobia & baby Hannah for coffee - it was lovely to catch up with them again
Wednesday - I had a keeping in touch day at work. So up & out for 6.30am to drop a certain young lady off. I was in work for 8am - I actually really enjoyed my day, it was good to hear what has been happening, scary to see the things that have changed, but reassuring to see that some things never change & lovely to catch up with some of my colleagues. Picked the wee one up at 5pm - exhausted!
Thursday - after my morning run, we went to West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the afternoon & caught up with some of the other Mums & babes
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning, lunch & then a trip to the local shops.
Saturday - Bug had her first ever sleepover - an evening with her Grandparents. I have to confess to a few tears after I got home & some more later when she would have been going to bed, but I think a great time was had by all. Just a relaxing evening here, Chinese takeaway, bubble bath, couple glasses of wine & a movie.
Sunday - picked up Bug & I don't think much else for the day.
Well I think that is everything from last week....I must actually start writing myself wee bullet notes as by the time I come to write this every Sunday or Monday I struggle to remember what we've been up to.
Fingers crossed for no technical issues this evening. I have saved this several times as I have written & will save again before publishing.....
Have a great week
lot of love
Fudgey x x x


  1. She is gorgeous! I think it's great that you can run on a treadmill while she sleeps. You are doing really well with you post-baby training!

  2. Thanks Liz - we are biased but we think she is incredibly gorgeous - she is also such a contented good natured wee girl :-)