Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A slow news week

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry we are a bit behind in last weeks blog post, but to be honest there really isn't a lot to report. It has been so hot that we haven't even made it to our usual baby groups as the wee one just gets too hot in the pram. We've mostly been hiding at home trying to keep cool & she has mostly just been wearing a nappy - saves on the laundry too!


I haven't run since the 5k a week & a half ago. The reason for this has mainly been that I've been wiped out by the heat, but I have also started seeing the chiropractor for my back issues & wanted to give that a few sessions without interfering with his work by running too.


I'm still hanging in there just. Had a fail at day 19 when I didn't hold the plank for 75 seconds only managed 70 seconds so decided that I'd just keep repeating this day till I could achieve it & then move on - however a second attempt later the same day was successful &I'm now at Day 24 & held a plank for 90 seconds yesterday - so everything is getting stronger.

Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents. We also re-enrolled for the next block of lessons. An incredibly busy afternoon for me, making beds, doing laundry, cutting grass & then my first adjustment at the chiropractor. I was really excited that my wee sis & one of my nieces were coming to stay for the night but unfortunately their flight got cancelled due to fog :-( We were all gutted. However it spurred me on to get a visit home to Benbecula organised.
Tuesday - In the morning we headed down to the post office to post my Mum's birthday package. In the afternoon we went for cake & coffee with the antenatal yummy mummies & babies

Wednesday - we went into Edinburgh & Little Miss Bug visited some of my work colleagues & had lots of smiles & giggles for them. We then met Sobia & baby Hannah for coffee - loved the air con in John Lewis.

Thursday - had my second adjustment at the chiropractor - impressed by the difference I feel already.

Friday - Daddy Fudgey had the day off, it was mega hot so we didn't do too much.

Saturday - much the same as Friday - too hot for us so a pretty quiet day

Sunday - again a quiet day. Invited Mum & Dad Smith for dinner.

and that folks is pretty much it - see nothing much to report.

Take care all

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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