Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Still not back on line

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm missing you all loads.

I feel really cut off with no internet or phone at the new house.

Not a very happy fudgey this morning as although we had an engineer out yesterday - our phone doesn't work & we don't have the router yet - so not net access either - though obviously need to get the phone line sorted first. Just a bit PO'd that it seems like a waste of a half day's holiday.

I've also come in to a whole raft of blood pressure raising mails & messages at work..........grrrr

maybe I should go home & start today again!

On a more positive note I did have a cracking run yesterday evening & I made some yummy banana bread.

Hope to be back soon with proper blogs.....eg when we get online at home.

Take Care all

Fudgey xxxxx


  1. Oh no, no internet sucks, I'm amazed ours came back on so quickly.. our phone and tv don't work though but I'm most bothered about the internet! Hope you're settling in well!

  2. Oh, no phone or net is pants! So glad you are all settled and happy though :) x