Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hooray I'm back

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm back on line at last. Been sitting thinking about blogging for the last 37 or so minutes & just don't know where to start.

Moving House
1st November was the big day & it was all good other than a small delay in getting the keys for the new house.
Both Mr Fudgey & I had a week off to get sorted & it was busy busy week, & an expensive one....trips to buy new washing machine & tumble dryer, big food shop to restock, ikea trip & a new tv.
Though I never got to the gym I certainly wasn't idle....listing boxes & furniture & running up & downstairs.
We were very fortunate that the place was in walk in condition so we've only had a few little things to do like putting hooks on the backs of doors and a lock on the downstairs toilet door. There are plenty of other things we'd like to do and put our own stamp on the place but nothing that is really urgent.
The two of us have been sleeping so well since we moved and love the new place. The kittys are settling in too. Clyde thinks he owns the place - we just pay the mortgage!
I can't believe we've been here nearly 3 weeks.

Thank you
An enormous Thank you to Mum & Dad Smith for all their help during the moving period - we are very very very grateful. Thank you to the rest of family & friends too for their support over the last few challenging months & for all the warm wishes & new home cards we received, We are so lucky to have such fantastic family & friends xxx

Still working hard
So the first week of November saw a serious decline in my regime but I'm back on track & those who follow me on facebook or dailymile will know I've started my strength training - with my challenge to be able to do a pull up. OMG I never knew how hard it would be.....but I'm enjoying here are my workouts since start of the month

07/11 - Exploring the new neighbourhood 5.02 km

08/11 - Spin class

09/11 - PT this strength training is really tough
quick cross trainer warm up then 2 sets of a burpee, jump & pull up - 10 reps
3 supersets of 15 squats 60lb superset with 15 squat jumps with 25lb weights
3 supersets of 10 assisted pull ups & 10 single arm row 25lb (10 each side)
5 supersets of 10 lat pull down & 10 shoulder rotator

10/11 - Circuits Oh how my upper body hurt after yesterday's PT session. started strength training to be able to do pull ups - hope it's worth it!
Today's stations: step ups, step lunges, oblique twists, sit ups with weight, ski sit with shoulder raises, shuttle runs, chest press, tricep dips, press ups, punch bag, skipping, spin bike high resistance & squats ....1 min each station - 2 circuits

11/11 treadmill 4.18 km - Running has been suffering due to the house move so I manged to snatch a quickie at the gym before work. Not a bad effort so far this week, spin, PT, circuits & a run. My upper body hates me - can't lift arms above shoulder height & pulling doors is an effort - but it feels so good to hurt again - yes I'm crazy!

15/11 more exploring new hood 6.07 km -went out just as it was starting to get dark about 4.30pm & had a great run. Everything just felt so good - think the enforced rest due to house moving & the change of focus to strength training has really helped. Best run in ages

16/11 - PT
oh how much I love having a personal trainer & even though it's really hard work I'm enjoying the change of focus with the strength training - it probably isn't something I'd have done without a PT
today's session
4 x supersets underarm grip pull down 10 reps 30kg superset with 10 upright rows with 15kg bar
4 x supersets assisted pull up 10 reps superset with 16 hammer curls (8 each side) with 6kg dumbbells
3 supersets of 15 reps leg press 65kg superset with 20 medicine ball (6kg) lunges
3 supersets of 15 jackknifes & 10 hanging leg raises
hanging leg raises were a bit crap to be honest today but we did them on the roman chair & I couldn't get a grip I was comfortable with

lovely lavender & waterlily bath when I got home to relax & unwind

17/11 - Circuits my fave class of the week
stations this week: upright row, mountain climbers, squats, plyometric step ups, tricep dips, bicep curls shadow boxing with dumbbells, swissball crunches, walking lunges with 5kg plates, press ups - 2 circuits a minute each station & then a press up challenge & abs to finish off

Hoping for a dreadmill session in the morning all in all not a bad effort over the last 3 weeks.

Also have the Zumbathon for Children in Need to look forward too on Saturday.

Work, Food & General Chat
After the week off it was good to get back to work and I've been pretty busy the last 2 weeks in fact I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. The house move has certainly had a positive effect as the longer journey too & from the office helps segregate home and work & the fact that I'm so much more relaxed & sleeping well has meant I feel like I'm functioning better during the day and though I'm a busy bee I'm really enjoying work at the moment.

Getting back on track with the healthy eating - it was a bit out of sorts with the move but now back into routine and finally can use the slow cooker we got for the wedding. So far have made lentil soup, vegetable soup & oriental honeyed pork. & I have some photos....

Slow cooker

Lentil soup

Oriental Honeyed Pork

so all in all life is pretty fudgey right now. Very glad to be back on line & reconnected with the world.

And now I'm going to say goodnight as I need to get to my bed if I want to attempt to gym in the morning.

Will be back soon

lots of love


  1. Good luck with your new home! It sounds as though your running is going well. Good for you!

  2. Hehe at Clyde, Tia our cat thinks she owns our place too! She's desperate to explore the garden but I've been keeping her in until I'm confident she'll come back!