Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Returning to normality

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? What have you been up to?
I'm good - normal routine & routine are starting to return, though I seem to be busier than ever with one thing or another - I think it's getting to that time of year though. I had hoped to blog again before now but time simply ran away from me!

I never went to the gym at all on Friday, I decided that as I was planning to go to the Zumbathon for 2 hours on Saturday and to run on Sunday that I'd take a rest on Friday. Unfortunately I ended up in my bed at 9pm burning hot but feeling shivery & with a terrible headache. At 5am on Saturday morning I submitted & took some painkillers. It's very unlike me to feel like that - but I was completely wiped out.

Strictly Saturday
I felt better when I got up on Saturday but still not quite right & I had to resort to more painkillers around 1pm when I started to fell yuck again. So I never made it to the Zumbathon or to collect the Christmas items I'd reserved at Argos :-( We did have a successful shopping trip to Morrisons & I finally got a potato crock :-)
The slow cooker was in use again & I made Hungarian Goulash - it was very tasty.
They say laughter is the best medicine & oh how I laughed - nearly cried at Ann & Anton's Samba - sheer comedy gold. Whether you think Ann should have been out weeks ago or not - you can't say it's not entertaining

Surprise Sunday
I actually got up & ran on Sunday & it felt fantastic.
Focus was increasing the distance rather than the pace as since the kilomathon my regular Sunday long runs have been irregular & only about 5 - 6k. I want to build a good base between now & the end of the year so I can start my marathon training feeling strong. Was really pleased with a nice steady consistent pace & the rain mostly held off. I foolishly took my gloves off at around 4k & zipped them in my pocket.....bad move - blue hands by the time I got home!

Then I got an absolutely fantastic surprise. As I'd ran into our street I saw Dad Smith's car in the drive & wondered why he was at ours so early, came in & no one about. Mr Fudgey came downstairs & was asking if I was OK - how was the run etc. I was trying to get my breath back after being out in the cold & coming into the warm, and was leaning forward, hands on thighs, looking at the floor. Then Mum Smith came down & said morning & then another figure I assumed to be Dad Smith till I heard the voice & looked up & there was my lovely brother in law Paul - all the way from Buffalo. Only Dad Smith had known that Paul was coming over for a week. Mr Fudgey & I haven't seen Paul since our wedding last August - so this was a fabby fudgey wudgey surprise.

Back to the normal routine
Monday lunchtime I squeezed in a cheeky 22 min treadmill sprint interval session - certainly got the blood pumping, then after work I went to the Superhero body pump class as part of the Children in Need events at my gym. There were 5 classes back to back but I only stayed for the pump class as I needed to get home, but next time if I'm a bit more organised in advance I'll do more - I might even join in the dressing up!

Today - Even though my lovely personal trainer is on holiday I know he'll know if I don't keep up the strength training & do the nice new programme he wrote for me. Deliberated whether to go after work or tomorrow morning but since mornings at the gym aren't really happening in my world at the moment & getting into work early is good as I'm so busy - I opted for this evening.
Quick 5 min cross trainer warm up
then 4 supersets of 10 underhand grip cable pull downs superset with 10 upright rows 15kg bar
4 supersets of 10 assisted pull ups superset with 20 hammer curls (10 each side) 6kg dumbbells
3 supersets of 15 leg press (first set 60kg & next 2 sets 62.5kg) superset with 20 medicine ball lunges with 6kg medicine ball
Should have also done squats superset with calf raises - but a) squat rack was being used & b) I was a little short on time
finished with abs 3 supersets of 15 jackknifes & 10 hanging leg raises

Travelling home on the bus I could feel my upper body objecting to me already! Still just had a really deep & bubbly bath whilst listening to The girl with the dragon tattoo.....life is good :-)
If anyone has any other good book tape suggestions please let me know as I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to books on my journey to work.

Other Running related news
An update on 1000km in 2010 - well as you know I achieved this in October but I've still been logging my runs & am now up to 1045.11 km (649.41 miles)

I have also signed up for The Great Scottish Santa Run in Edinburgh on 12th Dec - only 1.5km - should be a good bit of festive fun & then a wee gander round the Christmas market & a shot on the big wheel - perfect Sunday out.

and that lovely friends is all for today - I had better get to bed as I want to be in work early again in the morning - lots to do :-)

Take Care all
lots of love

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  1. Ahh I just found a local santa run but I'm working :-( you get santa suits with your race fee and everything! Gutted! I'll have to live vicariously through yours!