Sunday, 17 May 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 15....marathon ready???

Hello Fudgey followers

How are we all?

This was my last hard week of training before the marathon which is 2 weeks today.

It's been an up and down week in general

Monday: a wee day off as Bug had her 27 to 30 month assessment. She is doing great and is demonstrating advanced communication skills LOL! After her assessment we took her to the soft play where she had a great time. 

Tuesday: I had a terrible day, one of those days where everything is a wrong move. Started with not feeling great so no pre work run and just snowballed from there. Thankfully it did end better than it started as I headed out for a run once Bug was in bed. It was pretty cold, and incredibly windy but I think my bad day pushed me to run a fast lung busting 2.65 miles

Thursday: a pyramid speed session 3.23 miles and feeling really good. Downside was that I was pretty pumped up and couldn't sleep, unfortunately just as I lay down at 12.30 Bug decided to wake up distressed....we were up till 4am. Mr Fudgey's alarm went off at 5.30 am for work :-( I managed a little more sleep as I start work later on a Friday.

Friday: functioning on around 2 hours sleep, made it through the day...and into bed by 9pm

Saturday: normal service resumed and we all lay in till 6.45am. Bug had her swimming lesson and then in the afternoon I ran 16.5 perfect non stop miles. Everything was just good...body, mind, hydration and nutrition. This was my last 'long' run before the marathon. Bug helped with my ice bath again.

Marathon nutrition: a few weeks ago I started trying Torq products, having previously used Science in Sport and have to say I am a convert. The gels are really easily digested and the flavours are awesome. I wasn't keen on the yoghurt ones but more as I am not a big yoghurt fan, the banoffee one I found very sickly but the flavour was spot on. My absolute favourite has to be the raspberry ripple, followed by rhubarb and custard and apple crumble. I have also been using the cookies and cream recovery mixes really well, tastes fabulous and definitely aids recovery. This week I also tried one of their bars after my long run...raspberry and white chocolate fizz....very dense and I didn't eat the whole bar....but absolutely delicious. I'll be getting another for after the marathon. Finally I tried the lemon and lime energy drink... I am not a great energy drink fan, it was nice but I think I will stick with Arbonne fizz sticks.

Here's a link to their site

Marathon ready?: so.....hell yeah....after that run on Saturday I know that I have done as much as I can. I would have really liked another 20 miler but unfortunately I didn't get a long run in week 14. It's hard to predict what will have on race day after all 26.2 miles is a long way and you can't pre order the weather etc, but I don't fear the distance, I respect it though. At this moment I am excited for race day and quietly confident of making it to the finish line.

So let the tapering commence

Take care all

Lots of love 
Fudgey xxxx

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