Thursday, 14 May 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 14

Hello all

Just another short post, so much going on just now

I think this summed me up last week....

And I think a few of my family and friends felt much the same.

I only managed 2 very short runs because of this, partly due to needing a few days at the start of the week to recover from my 21 miler.

Fri 8th May 1.58 miles
Sat 9th May 1.68 miles

Both runs testing out the 2 new pairs of running shoes I treated myself to.

Apart from the non running time due to a sickness bug in March this has been my worst week of training, but I am actually fairly relaxed about it, my body really needed the rest and this week I feel better for it.

I still have a race report to write for The Great Edinburgh Run...which hopefully I will be able to do next week.

Will be back soon

Lots of love
Fudgey xxxxx

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