Monday, 12 August 2013

Getting with the programme

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

This week I have paid a lot of attention to my diet & have started my 10k training.

We have had another busy week & the next couple of weeks look much the same, so I have decided that I'm having some time out the week beginning 2nd September & booking up nothing at all.

Little Miss Buggy is getting more & more active, she can now get about by rolling from her back to her front & back again. She is desperate to be on the move & very frustrated that she can't quite manage it yet.

Well I've made a start on the 10k training but it hasn't quite gone as planned for a number of reasons, but I did manage 3 runs last week.

I managed a 2 mile outdoor session, a 25 minute high intensity treadmill session & a 40 minute outdoor session.

This weeks planned sessions: ..........
I need more focus & need to stick more to the plan but it's hard with all our activities, appointments & chiropractor twice a week. I also need to find an alternative to getting my running session in at 9pm when the wee one is asleep - partly because I'm pretty tired by that point of the day but also it is now getting dark so I need to think about staying safe. I have the option of my treadmill which is better than not running at all but I need to / have to get some of my training done outdoors & I actually love running outdoors whatever the weather.
The programme this week has 4 running sessions but I'd be happy to fit in 3 of those.

Monday morning -  a little bit of diary mismanagement meant that I had a chiropractor appointment back to back with our usual Monday morning swim lesson - you'd think after 10 weeks of swimming I'd remember this is a regular Monday session. Anyway all worked out fine - we just jumped on the bus rather than our usual walk up the hill & then we walked back. Bug was pretty chilled after her swim. In the afternoon I tried a new recipe for Pear, Sultana & Lemon muffins


Tuesday - A super busy day in the Fudgey kitchen, another batch of muffins made & loads of Bug food - fish pie, parsnip, carrot & swede, green beans and pear. We went to the Bookbug session in the library in the morning & had coffee with the antenatal Mums & babies in the afternoon.
Wednesday - We had a trip into Edinburgh & met Mandy for coffee & cake - was lovely to catch up properly rather than just a few minutes outside the office. Then we popped into the gym to visit. Edinburgh was pretty chaotic due to the festival so we're definitely not going in next week - mind you we are so booked up we don't have time anyway.
Thursday - Chiropractor appointment & shops.
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning, followed by lunch & then a trip down to the shops.
Saturday & Sunday - just a quiet weekend, mostly spent at home, though time just disappeared so fast, between Bug feeds & routine, shopping, laundry, cooking etc. Ran on both days so should rest today but with chiropractor tomorrow thinking maybe I should squeeze in a quick one, but have loads of other things to get done too.
The below goals were set on 16th 8 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......Done.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run 10k.......working on this but don't think it's going to be 2 weeks before I can run 10k, only at 5.5 at the moment but we'll see how the training goes. I am signed up for 2 x 10k events at end September so will be ready by then. 
I need to get my diet back on track, I was doing really well, but increased activity = increased appetite & I haven't made the right choices in the last week. I'm reassured though as I know exactly where mistakes have been made & how to address them. The aim is to lose a stone over the next 14 weeks -  a pound a week should be easily achievable if I keep focused. So I weighed & measured on 1st July & not again till 1st August.....didn't work for me, my measurements stayed the same & I gained a pound. The hot weather really didn't help me either as I took a 2 week running break & spent a lot of time at home rather than our usual out & about & I just ate. I also need to be conscious of all these coffee & lunch dates & how many calories are in a seemingly small piece of cake. So I have started again with logging all my food & weighing weekly. I lost 2lbs when I weighed this morning. Just need to keep up the good work. So 8 weeks in I am down 1 pound from where I started but I am totally focused now & am completely with the programme.
Well that is all our news from last week. Have a great week everyone
lots of love Fudgey xx

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