Monday, 5 August 2013

Buggy Boo is 7 months old today :-)

Hello Fudgey Friends

How are you all? We are good though I seem to have been incredibly tired this last week. I have been back on track with my healthy eating though & have ran a couple of times.

Our baby girl is 7 months old today - I can't believe how fast she is growing up. We had our 6 month health visitor check up & she is now 14lb 8oz. She was in great form too, giggling & chatting & absolutely demolished her breakfast showing how clever she is.

The last 24 hours have seen her master rolling on her front & I think today she is really getting the hang of getting back as well. I can see she is desperate to be mobile.......


After 2 weeks of no running & 4 chiropractor adjustments & signing up for 2 x 10k events I knew I had to get back out there.

I ran on Monday & OMG it was explosive. My posture was brilliant, my stride really balanced & my pace unbelievable - unfortunately the lungs couldn't keep up quite as much but it was an amazing 25 minute session. I think it was a combination of the rest, the abs exercises I've been doing, the chiropractor's work & lots of built up mini stresses & aggression that running is my outlet for!

For a number of reasons I didn't get to run again till Saturday evening, I missed the torrential downpour :-( I love running in the rain. Again I was amazed by my pace it was better than my race pace from the 5k almost 3 weeks ago so I am definitely getting fitter again. I realised after about 10 minutes I had left home without my phone  - I am so forgetful these days, so I ran hard for 20 minutes in total before coming home.

I have now found myself a 10k training plan & I will be starting tomorrow Tuesday 6th August......


Woo Hoo I completed these both.

The squats I was doing for the second time & I also added in bicep curls.

The abs were definitely challenging - I thought I was out at day 19 when I couldn't hold the plank, but somehow I managed it. I changed the leg extensions for reverse curls as these were easier on my back but still did the same number.

In fact maybe this might explain my tiredness. I have been working pretty hard on my fitness & these challenges.

I have rested since completing these on Tuesday but am thinking of starting a new challenge - just not sure what. maybe a combination of squats, sit ups & plank - maybe a static number every day till the end of the month. Any suggestions welcome.

Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson in the morning, but no afternoon with Granny & Grandpa so Bug came to my chiropractor appointment with me in the afternoon. It was a very interesting session as my Chiropractor's mentor was also there & he gave me a lot of good info & food for thought. He also explained about using less energy to do simple things like getting out of a chair once the body is in correct alignment & I am seeing that already, the running on Monday night was also testament to that. After the chiro we baked cherry & sultana scones.
Tuesday - We stayed home all day as it was our turn to host the antenatal group. Bug was very grumpy all day - sore teeth :-( We made a chocolate pear flan in the morning for our guests. It was Buggy & the boys - Aaron, Jake & Owen - they were all fascinated by her hair & were trying to pull it! It was lovely to see everyone & we are looking forward to going to the twinnies house next week & meeting Oliver for the first time :-)
Wednesday - Health visitor home visit in the morning. Gold star for Buggy she is doing great.

Thursday - Chiropractor appointment & again took my trusty sidekick with me. In the afternoon we baked Fat Rascals for our friend Gary. Another success from the Fudgey Kitchen

 Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning - we love our Friday morning group & then we went for lunch with Elaine & Max, Moira & Alexander, Sharon & Finn & Hannah & Dougall - yes Buggy & the boys again! In fact we haven't had another girl at group for a few weeks. 

 Saturday - we weren't out of the house at all.
Sunday - had a disastrous day with Bug & her feeds - she didn't like her first taste of egg, but we shall try again another day, she has been brilliant with everything else so it was inevitable that we'd find something she wasn't keen on. In the afternoon we had a wee stroll with the pram but all in all it was another quiet weekend in the Fudgey household.
Hope that next week I am telling you that I've managed to stick to week 1 of my 10k training & give you an update on my goals
Take care all

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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