Sunday, 1 April 2012

Kilomathon Scotland - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well it was another early Sunday morning start in the Fudgey household today - though not quite as early as last week. Massive Thank you to hubby for his constant support & for not moaning about having his Sunday lie in stolen 2 weeks in a row. Thank you also to Dad Smith for the lift to the start at Ocean Terminal.

My running hasn't been great recently. My pace just isn't there & I'm struggling a little with a niggle in my groin & have had some heel pain the last couple of weeks but I'm determined to make it through to the Rock & Roll Half marathon in 2 weeks time & hopefully raise funds for The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow - you took such amazing care of my Gran in the last weeks.

Please sponsor me here if you can - every penny very very very much appreciated.

So it was up at 6.30am on fuel with my usual pre race porridge. I really struggled to eat it this morning but forced myself & the 2 wee kitties Beau & Dora enjoyed the last wee traces in the bowl.

Out of the house at 7.35am and off to Ocean terminal for an 8.30am start.

We arrived at Ocean terminal & I had to make my last pre race visit to the toilets. What a nice change to have real toilets instead of portaloos. With proper running water & hand dryers. I never even had to queue this morning.

At about 8.20am everyone started to make their way to the starting area. I've taken part in the last 2 kilomathons & whilst they haven't been massive there were certainly a lot less people today. I was worried about being left behind as everyone else looked so fit & like real runners!

It was pretty cold first thing even though it was really bright - I'm really glad I had my trusty bruised & battered £1 baseball cap.

8.30am and we were off. I was really pleased to see that it was a nice steady start and I must have placed myself just in the right area as no one was flying past me - in fact I was doing all the passing.

The route was pretty much all on cycle paths & was really lovely. The only thing was that as there were not so many runners I felt I didn't push myself as hard as I could have, but this is a good thing as I needed to treat today as a regular Sunday training run and not overdo it before the half marathon.

By the time I got to the water station at about 5.5km I was pretty glad as it was getting very warm in the sun.

I struggled a little between 7 & 10km to keep up my consistent pace, but found it again for the last 3km & sprinted into Murrayfield Stadium. What an amazing place to finish and as the runners by this point were pretty spaced out - every runner was getting their own cheer as they crossed the line.

Through the finish area to receive my medal & goody bag & 2 bottles of water.

The goody bag contained: an eat natural bar, , lo salt, raisins, sample of biofreeze, sweets, mini deodorant, spatone liquid iron supplement, high 5 sports drinks tablets & a sports watch.

My official time 1 hour 26 minutes 35 seconds.
Delighted with this given my time for the full kilomathon last April was just under 2 hours 50 minutes & I'm not in the shape or fitness I was then.
I now have something to work on & will be going & signing up for the September event.

I actually really enjoyed the smaller race today & the fact that it was on the cycle paths rather than roads. It was also really good value for money at only £15 for the 13.1k distance. There was also 6.55km & 2.62km races. I'd really recommend this to anyone who fancies giving it a go on 30th September.
I'd love it though if the full Kilomathon was reintroduced at some point too though.

I'll be back soon to catch up on the last few weeks including Sports relief.

Til then Take Care everyone

lots of love

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