Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fudgey Plans

Hello all,

How are you? Hope you've had a good week? I've had another busy week but quite a chillaxed weekend. In fact after this morning's run I spent this afternoon reading a book first on the sofa then jumped into bed & actually finished it - I only started it yesterday!

A few people have asked me this week what races I have coming up & what I'm currently training for.
I really need to get my act together & update the other pages on this blog with upcoming events & Race reports - but for now...
March - Meadows 5k - this was one of the first races I ever took part in, last year I did the half marathon but found it torturous doing 8 laps round the Meadows. It was also quite soul destroying being lapped not once but twice by the super fast runners! So I'm revisiting the 5k.
April - Kilomathon & Rock & Roll Half Marathon. This year there isn't a full kilomathon so I'm doing the half which is 13.1km, this isn't a distance I've done before but with a few halfs & 2 Marathons done it shouldn't be a problem.
So those are the things I'm meant to be training for....
as promised last week I did actually manage to run 3 times this week a total distance of 18.91km - well it's a start. it's 5 weeks to Kilomathon & 7 to the half. Setting myself the same target this week of running 3 times.

My training this week:
Monday - 1 hour personal training session
Tuesday - Run & 30 minute spin class
Wednesday - 45 minute Bodystep class
Thursday - 1 hour gym session & 30 minute spin class
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 1 hour 45 minute Saturday Slaughter Session
Sunday - Run

Saturday Slaughter Session this week was increased from last week 8 x 1km run with 20squats 12kg, 20 single arm kettlebell swings 12kg, 20 alternate dumbbell press 5kg, 20 komodo & 20 sit ups then 1.2km run to finish. Next week I'm aiming for 10 rounds. It's fab having our own wee gym zone as I don't need to worry about time getting there & back & can just pop in whenever I want.

The run today was pretty tough, legs started to defy me, then became unresponsive but thankfully got me home. It was pretty cold out but gloriously sunny. I even got chased by a dog - you've got to love the joys of running outdoors.

Next week I'm planning to keep up the hard work but have a couple of treats to look forward to (date with hubby, show & dinner with hubby & Mum in Law & a hot stone massage & manicure)so will have plenty to tell you about next week.

I'm going to go & snuggle up in front of TV with Mr Fudgey, have a cup of tea & relax a bit more, as I've packed my gym kit & the lunches are mostly made for tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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