Sunday, 11 March 2012

What's Cooking in the Fudgey Kitchen?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
Sorry I never posted last week, had a bad day on Sunday (more on that in a minute) & then just had a bad week this week, been angry with everything & everyone, tired, lethargic & just generally a bit meh - but tomorrow's a new week & I'll start afresh.

What's eating Mrs Fudgey
Last Sunday I was due to take part in The Meadows Marathon event & was looking forward to writing a race report for you. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take part as the bus was a no show & with the service being hourly on a Sunday, the next bus was too late to make the start of the race. As you can guess I was pretty angry & upset.

On Monday I contacted the bus company & also found details & emailed the MD. 45 minutes later I had a phone call & am having my entry fee refunded & a donation of £75 made to The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice. So not such a bad ending.

I'm also currently 'fighting' with Vodafone but having less success there. I've pretty much decided to go elsewhere as I'm so disappointed in their customer service. So if anyone has any recommendations or advice on mobile phone providers who are good / not so good - I'm happy to hear it.

Lack of Caffiene :-(Making me very unhappy - in fact so much so that I am tempted to just give in on this one. It's been 19 days and Green tea, fruit tea & herbal tea just aren't the same as real tea or coffee.
The only thing keeping me going is sheer bloody mindedness. Though I suspect for my sanity & for those around me it may just be better for me to admit defeat.

Returning the Hippo to the Zoo
I seem to have lost my appetite this week and found a hippo's! It's so unlike me to be so undisciplined. So I need to return the hippo to the zoo & get back on track this week.

Missing Running Mojo
I've lost my desire to run :-( I'm hoping though that these last few days resting will set me up for next week & I'm going to try & run 3 times.

See I am a moany, narky pants this week. Sorry all.

Madam Butterfly
To try & end my post on a more positive note I did have a lovely evening out on Monday with Mr Fudgey. We went to see Madam Butterfly in 3D, it was certainly different to seeing it performed live but was a fantastic performance & true to form I cried loads!
We also had a really nice meal at Wagamamas. After weeks of being very strict I finally had a dessert - Coconut ice cream & it didn't disappoint :-)

What's Cooking in The Fudgey Kitchen?
I realised that I haven't had a food post for ages & ages.
I've been busy today as I've made 2 batches of Chicken & Mango Curry & a pot of vegetable chilli.
One batch of curry for Mum & Dad Smith to save them cooking tonight, the other for dinner in the Fudgey house tomorrow & the chilli for lunches. Life is so much easier when I'm prepared ahead & organised.

Well guys & girls I'm going to leave you there. I'll be back next weekend I will be more upbeat & I will have run 3 times I promise.

lots of love

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