Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Fudgey Fantastic Week

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Did you do anything nice this weekend? I've sat down to write this post & was running through a few things in my head & I'm blown away by how much I've packed in this week - it's been a pretty good one.

First Overnight House Guest
On Monday my sister came to stay with us as she was attending a seminar for work in Falkirk. I was so so excited to see her as I've not seen her since last August and loads of stuff has naturally happened since then, not least that she's expecting again. It was brilliant to catch up and I haven't laughed so much in a long time.
As I knew I was leaving work early on Monday to meet my wee sis I fitted in my recovery run at lunchtime (run 1 of week done 5.2km) It was a very rare treat in the evening as we ordered from the fish & chip shop & I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it as it's something we rarely have to have treats sometimes though. My little sis brought us a gorgeous apron from our little niece Margaret's nursery which had Margaret's foot print on it. (Amy I was wearing it yesterday!) She also brought these cute little plants in tins - sunflower, lavender & morning glory...we'll see how they develop

Run 2 of week
Tuesday is usually the busiest day of my week and is always packed with meetings - this week was no different and I found myself getting quite stressed out - but I skipped off at lunchtime to squeeze in a very short run - only managed 4.45km but my theory is it was better than no km. Left sharp again to meet my little sister after her seminar & we headed back to the house - no takeaway tonight I cooked. More chatter & laughter.

PT - Ouch!
On Wednesday I had my PT session and it was really really tough, by the end of it my hands felt numb & I couldn't even text hubby to tell him I was on the bus. The DOMS started to kick in on the bus home & I knew that on Thursday my upper body was going to hurt.
The session involved:
warm up set of 10 jumping pull ups with squat thrust
4 supersets of 10 lat pull down 40kg with 10 bent over dead rows with flat bar & 10lb each side
4 supersets of 10 cable pull downs superset with 12 reverse flyes
3 supersets of cable hamstring curls 12 each leg think I'm now at 27.5kg & cable crunches.
By the time I went to bed my upper body was protesting loudly at what had been done to it.

Upper Body out of order - but legs are good to go
As I suspected my upper body was a little sore on Thursday I couldn't get my arms above elbow height, so I knew it would have to be a run at the gym. Managed to squeeze in another quick 5.15km at lunchtime and was pleased with how well my legs are doing. My pace at the moment just isn't there but I've decided to focus on simply completing the marathon - as it's my first one I'm guaranteed a PB anyway :-) After the marathon I can then think about breaking 2 hours for the half marathon and new PB's at 5k & 10k if that's what I want - but one thing at at time. My running at the moment is consistent & strong and bizarrely the upper body training is really helping - this is because my posture is much better & I think that it's helping with my breathing as I'm more upright & open - I hope that makes some sort of sense.
Thursday night saw the roof climbing antics of Indiana Beau - see my last post.

Thank Fudgey it's Friday
Friday came round before I knew it & saw me fit in yet another run. 10.1km this time. Yet again it felt strong and steady and I think I'm ready for next weekend's half marathon.

A lazy Saturday
On Saturday it was great to get a lie in and then I toddled down to the hairdressers to get my hair cut & coloured. I did giggle to myself on the way as the weather was gorgeous - blue sky, sunshine and mild and the first thought that entered my head was what a perfect day for running....yes I admit I am addicted. I didn't run though it was a well earned rest day. As I sat in the hairdressers I read March's edition of running fitness that I had been saving :-)
Mr Fudgey had been busy doing various diy & household tasks while I was out & we now have a nice new bedside cabinet for the spare room. I did some laundry but other than that generally had a lazy day but I think it was just what I needed.

Exciting news - we've booked our honeymoon finally. Yes we've been married 18 months & by the time we go on honeymoon we'll have celebrated our 2nd anniversary, but it'll be worth the wait. We are off to Italy & Switzerland.
For those who don't know we did have a minimoon just after the wedding to York which was really lovely but we opted to wait for a honeymoon as we wanted to sell the flat & move on and also due to various work commitments etc. I'm am so excited. I've been practising my yodelling for the alps :-)

Long Sunday Run
My longest run this year to date 13.8 miles (22.08km) and as usual certainly wasn't boring. I'd decide my rough route & was all geared up and ready to go. At about 2km I started to feel a little discomfort in my right calf - very unusual as my legs have been really strong recently. I always find it takes me a good 3km to settle into a rhythm so carried on - by 3km it was getting tighter & tighter & I was starting to worry - I knew it was idiotic to continue if something was wrong so I stopped to see if I could pinpoint the problem.....zipped bottoms of running trousers had risen up my leg & was digging into calf - minor adjustment and all happy again & off I went. Got to about 9km and found my £1 asda bargain cap that had blown away 2 weeks previously so I rescued it & brought home to clean up. The pictures don't do justice to just how filthy it was.

From around 10km my tummy decided to play up, I never ate or drank anything I don't usually but did eat closer to leaving the house than I usually would. I'd only taken on one gel & a little water as I sensed my tum wasn't entirely happy and from 11km onwards till the emergency stop at home to use the facilities was not pleasant. I was determined though this was not halting my run and after a brief stop in at the house I was back out feeling a lot better and running better than I had for the 14km up to that point to crack out another 8km. I could have so easily just used it as an excuse to stop after all 14km isn't a bad effort but it was too far short of where I wanted to be today which was at least around I did myself proud.
Have to confess now the legs are hurting - especially my right shin again but other than that I'm a happy Fudgey.

Springtime is upon us
With the lighter evening and the last 2 bright and mild days I really feel like it's springtime and the beautiful hyacinth my Gran brought us has really blossomed - I thought this was a really pretty image to complete this post with. Thank you Gran x

Take care all
lots of love

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