Saturday, 26 February 2011

Adventures of Indiana Beau

Hello Fudgey Friends,

This post is nothing to do with running or training but is about the escapades of a certain little cat called Beau.

He's had a ball this week, he thinks the spare bed we built in the guest room is just for him but happily shared it with my little sis when she visited for 2 nights.

We've not been letting the fellas out in the evenings since we moved house, mainly due to it being so cold and dark, but also as we wanted to get them used to the surroundings first during the day - so they normally get out on a Saturday & Sunday. As the weather has been turning milder and the evenings getting lighter there have been a few after work outings too recently.

So Thursday evening I decided I'd let them all out for a bit and off they went. Mr Fudgey had a nightmare journey home as his bus broke down so he got in late & was cold, hungry & a little grumpy. I was going to get some food sorted but decided to check on the whereabouts of the fellas. All accounted for except Mr Beau.....

so I'm out in the garden calling him......

and hear a faint mewing......

go round to the front of the house calling his name & the mewing gets louder & higher pitched.....

and then I see him on next door's roof!!!!!
(should add at this point the neighbours were not at home)

I ran back in & shouted Mr Fudgey & we spent the next hour trying to get the wee bugger down. Our step ladder only allowed us to peer just over the top of the garage roof & we tried putting the cat carrier up to him to see if he'd crawl in & come down - no luck. I tried tempting him with slices of ham & Mr Fudgey tried cat treats - no luck. And instead of coming down the roof Beau decided to go further up.
Dad Smith to the rescue with a taller ladder which meant we could get further up, but we didn't want to damage the neighbours roof or risk injury by climbing up & even though we could reach out to Beau he was beyond arms reach & wouldn't come down. I must have looked lovely up a ladder in a short woollen dress & knee high suede boots! I hate to imagine what the rest of the neighbours thought!

Eventually we decided that we would have to leave him and see if he could figure out how to get back down himself onto the lower portion of the roof at the garage & then onto the fence which must have been how he got up in the first place.

Mr Fudgey cam up with a cunning plan of getting a plank of wood from our garage & laying it from the garage roof to the fence that would mean the wee fella could use it to get down......

so sitting watching TV & who strolls in..........Beau..........nonchalant as you like
........looks at me as if to say what's your problem & strolls upstairs to the feeding station to refuel.

He was very affectionate later on though curling up on our knees and being all cute.

I've let him out this morning & he hasn't ventured too far at all

So there you have an update on the adventures of the legend that is Mr Beau.

Will be back later with a training blog - it's been a good week so far :-)

Take Care all

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  1. Awww cute story! Our cat climbs on our flat roof to come in our bedroom window if we're upstairs, she's an oddball, she can get down ok though so it's not too bad!