Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 5

Hello lovely people

How are you all?

I apologise in advance if this is a bit of a random rambling post. I haven't been feeling at my best and incredibly tired so please bear with me.

So it occurred to me that it's now March - where is this year going? So I decided to look back at my February mileage and after 62 miles in January was delighted to see I had logged 68 miles for February and some pretty decent consistent running :-)

Now onto March.....

So I never actually ran last week apart from the half marathon on Sunday. I had planned to but circumstances just conspired against me.

Monday - lunchtime running conditioning class. 
Heading home in the evening and just about to get off the bus when the snow started....from clear to this in 2 minutes
So I was very excited to run up the hill and get my footprints first in the virgin snow

Tuesday morning I had planned to have a short run pre work but this is what we woke up to
If it hadn't been for the half marathon on Sunday I would still have run but no way was I risking any mishaps
Lovely sky on way to work

Not the best prep pre half marathon, Friday night Miss Bug was sick all over her cot then all over me and then Saturday I had a terrible headache that I couldn't clear and had to go to bed in the afternoon when Miss Bug was sleeping too, though she was unsettled too and ended up cuddled in with me.

Sunday = Meadows half marathon = @&#%€$#% hard! A personal worst for me....But I did it :-)
I am going to write a race report asap.

But that is where I am leaving you for tonight, apart from a wee photo of Miss Bug, especially for my followers who haven't seen how grown up she is getting. 

So goodnight all, take care and I will be back soon

Lots of love
Bug's Mum xxxx

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