Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 2

Hello Fudgey friends

How are you all?

Well last week was my second week of marathon training and 3 runs all outside, no treadmill. I also discovered that I have an extra week of training as I had the wrong date for the marathon!

Monday 9th Feb was a rest day after my 10 miles on the Sunday. Legs felt surprisingly good though.

Tuesday 10 th Feb I ran part of the way to work, leaving the house about 6.15am, ran 7.5 miles, jumped on the bus the rest of the way and showered and at my desk before 9am

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th rest days. Should have really got to the gym but too many other things going on.

Friday 13th Feb I ran part of the way to work again, this time 8.33 miles. Good run but poorly hydrated and felt rubbish all day.

No running on Valentine's Day. Swimming lesson with Bug and a romantic dinner for 3 with heart shaped pasta :-)

Sunday 15th....terrible run, wrong frame of mind, bad tempered, tired, heavy legs and set out to do a route that I used to regularly run when I trained for the Edinburgh marathon in 2011. I knew the first mile was all uphill but I totally forgot how undulating the next 2 were with some killer hills before the last 2 miles downhill. I found this photo online which gives a hint at what the route was like. As you can see no pavement either so absolutely have to be road conscious and safe.

Another 5.03 miles recorded though. I got home to a very upset little lady though ....poor Bug has a sore throat and not her usual wee self.

So 3 runs totalling 20.82 miles for the week and feeling pretty pleased with myself. 
Half marathon in 3 weeks and feel more confident about it, realistic and know that it won't be fast but confident that I can do it.

Well I am going to sign off here as need to get sleep after a restless night with Miss Bug last night.

Back soon, have a great week everyone.

Lots of love 
Bug's Mum xxxxxx

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