Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Fudgey Blog is back.....

Hello all

It's been a while but whilst out running today I decided that I would like to try and resurrect my blog.

My reasons are:

  • I am committed to a Marathon this year and blogging is a good way to keep my fabulous supporters updated.
  • I realise that not all my facebook friends share my passion for running and don't necessarily want to read status afrer status on my training. Also not everyone, who is interested,is a facebook or twitter user.
  • Keeping a blog lets me and others see my progress. It encourages and motivates me knowing that I need to post and keep everyone updated.
Life has been busy here and running and fitness had taken a bit of a back seat and my blog long neglected for a variety of reasons, the biggest of course being a mum. My little Bug.....well is still little but now 2 years old and I just love her so much. Now she is getting a bit older I really want to set her a good example and I want to be fit and healthy to run around with and after her.

After the disappointment of having to transfer my Edinburgh marathon place in 2014, I entered the Virgin London Marathon ballot but unfortunately was unsuccessful for the fourth year running :-( So before I could dwell too much I signed up for the Edinburgh marathon........and then had hardly ran since last November!

2015 - a new year and I wasn't certain if I wanted to or was able to run a marathon but I have decided that I do want to and that I can. January has already seen me run 44 miles slowly building up my mileage each week and enjoying my running. I have rejoined Bannatynes gym and am really hoping Colin Fraser can train me again. Official marathon training starts February.....hope you will join me on my journey, I need all your support and encouragement please

Lots of love 
Bug's Mum xxxxxx

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