Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It's kind of running

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

I am determined to try not to let my blog fall too far behind again as it is so hard to write the longer I leave it.

Last week was a mixed week, our precious little princess has been poorly & teething so nights have been very disturbed, but on a positive note I feel I have really settled back in at work, it was my first 3 day week which wasn't as tough as I expected & I had a really productive few days. I also started back running - well if you can call it running.....but I'm trying......

Running Update

Didn't run Monday or Tuesday due to a sore throat & with Buggy being poorly

Wednesday - 5.3km done

Saturday - Incline intervals done....1% to 10% ok, 10% to 12% hard work, 12% to 15% brutal only achieved by sheer bloody mindedness!

Sunday - 2.6km done

Mummy & Bug news

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I was at work.

Buggy was not her usual self on Monday but Granny & Papa took good care of her.

She was well enough to go to nursery on Tuesday but they called me as I was on my way to collect her as she had a very high temperature. Calpol helped her feel a bit better though & brought her temp down.

Wednesday - poor wee munchkin hardly ate & was pretty miserable :-(

Thursday - I was glad I was off work & we had a lovely girls day together. I also had a chiropractor appointment.

Friday - had to miss swimming since Little Miss Bug has been poorly but managed to make the baby group Halloween party for a little while.

Saturday was just a quiet day at home

Sunday - Mr Fudgey & I had a wee shopping trip to Falkirk - largely unsuccessful as we only bought potatoes & mushrooms for dinner at Tesco but it was good to look at Smyths toy shop etc. Bug stayed with Granny & had great fun playing with her new vetch walker - thank you Granny & Papa. Then the was a very emotional moment when we came back & were so proud to see Buggy take her first assisted steps :-)

The week was pretty tiring with most nights disturbed but our amazing wee girl has still managed to smile, clap & chat even though she was having a rough time. We've been so lucky to get to almost 10 months without her being ill at all & it was inevitable once she started nursery that she'd pick up a few bugs. Hoping this week that she will be well enough to make her swim class on Friday.

I am getting tired now & think I will head to bed, I think is all our news from last week. Have a night out & a 10k run this week so will be able to update you on both of those in my next post

Take Care all


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