Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Buggy's First Holiday

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well that is me almost back up to date again with my posts.
This is for week beginning 14th October.

Running Update

Finally started back running ......3.3km last Sunday night (Sun 20th) wasn't great but at least I have started again

Mummy & Bug news

Monday - My first Monday back at work. Buggy with Granny & Papa from early & overnight. Poor Mr Fudgey off work with the tummy bug

Tuesday - Work for me & Mr Fudgey still poorly.
In the evening I wrapped a whole load of Christmas gifts for delivering to Benbecula....I think this is the most organised I have ever been!

Wednesday - Mr Fudgey still poorly :-( & off work. I was off work to get organised for our wee trip, got laundry done, finished present wrapping & packed our case. Had an unsettled night with little Miss Bug.

Thursday - Mr Fudgey back to work. Mummy & Bug off to Benbecula. Mummy discovered Buggy had cut tooth number 4.

 Bug's first ever plane journey - she was a wee star. We also had a fantastic welcoming reception when we arrived.
Buggy Boo met Grandpa Lockie :-)
Thank you to Grandpa Smith & my Mum for the chauffeuring services.

Friday - A lovely day of swimming & a trip to Hebridean jewellers afterwards for cake & coffee.

Saturday - Homeward bound. Mr Fudgey & Grandpa Smith came to collect us :-)
Massive Thanks to the McWs for their hospitality.

Sunday - A day of catching up on laundry & shopping before back to work again - up to 3 days now after 3 x 2 day weeks.

& that my lovely friends is all our news. Will try not to fall so far behind again .....& promise that there will be more running updates soon

Fudgey x x

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  1. Loved having you here, still missing you xx