Sunday, 28 May 2017

Fudgey's 17 for 17 Update

Hello everyone,

Since my last post about my 17 for 17 on 9th March, I've been adding to the bling collection so thought I'd give you all an update.

You'll also see a newly updated blog header - Thank you to Mr S.

#9 Gung Ho Seriously Fun 5k 13th May
A fun filled 5k with 10 inflatable obstacles with some great people. Read my blog post here
Thank you to Mr S for entertaining little Miss Bug while I was out having fun.
#10 Virtual Runner May Fun Run (any distance) 1st - 14th May
I left this one till the last day (14th May) & wasn't sure whether to attempt a fast mile, a 5k or a longer distance, so just decided to go out & see what happened......
A post Emily 5k P.B of 31:45
20% of entry fee to Friends of PICU
#11 Virtual Runner May Triathlon 1st - 31st May
My first virtual triathlon completed on 17th May @ my gym
Swim 400m, Bike 10km, Run 2.5km
Completed in 48:45 but overall including transitions 56 minutes
Absolutely delighted as I'd set a target of an hour
#12 Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5km 27th May

35 minutes 12 for a blog post on this later this week
#13 Virtual Runner Run 22 for Solidarity #runformanchester 27th May - 3rd June
1.9 miles completed today (28th May) in 22 minutes.
A hot & humid day but kit on & 11 minutes out & back, it may be a few weeks before I receive this medal but it's one I'm proud to be able to add to my collection.
Upcoming / In progress events 
#14 Awesome Virtual Running May 100 Mile Challenge
100 Miles during the month of May.
I've been running an average of 80 miles a month so decided to try & push myself in May, maybe not my brightest idea with so many events in May & a low mileage second week due to illness but I find myself at 28th May with 3 days left & currently on 88 miles......
#15 Benbecula Half Marathon
This is going to be a hugely emotional one but I'm looking forward to it - hope the weather & the midgies are kind. This also kick starts my official 16 week marathon training.
So I hear you say 15/17 already......I just kind of happened!
It slows down from here though, as I say #15 starts my marathon training, but then that is the focus....& I have my eye on a marathon PB this year...crosses fingers & toes.....a marathon is a long way.
#16 Virtual Runner Wonder Runner July distance challenge
#17 Loch Ness Marathon (September)
Will I stop there, possibly not, but we'll see.
I'll leave it there for tonight, but I promise an update on EMF later this week
Take Care everyone
Lots of Love
Fudgey xxxxx

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