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Race Report Edinburgh Marathon 31st May 2015

Hello all

As promised my race report for the marathon but I have to start this post with the biggest most enormous Thank you ever to Granny and Papa Fudgey Smith, they had little Miss Bug from teatime Saturday till Sunday which allowed me to get just myself ready for the race and for Papa Fudgey Smith for coming to the rescue and picking us up post race...apparently my face fell when hubby told me how far the transport was from the finish....but his next words were 'so dad is collecting us' :-)
You guys just are the best x

While I am on Thank yous, I may as well try and do them they usually come at the end but without so many people's love, support, inspiration & bullying I may not have even made the start line. My mum and dad from whom I inherited my determination, stubborness and sheer bloody mindedness, My Sis who has is without a doubt the strongest most amazing beautiful inspirational person I know. My little Bug :-) poor long suffering hubby... I could start a blog just about how much he has to put up with along the marathon journey.
There are so many people to mention and I am sure I will forget someone so please don't be offended...this is Thank you to everyone of you... All my fudgeytastic family and friends...Neil, Lyndsey, Di, Jo, Ros, Lynne, Jayne, Anne, Eileen. Thank you

Pre Race Prep

I'm actually going to go back a couple of days to Friday, we had a day off and a wee trip to Glasgow as I had bought tickets for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular for our 5th wedding anniversary last year.

We went for a lovely lunch and then to the show...which was absolutely fantastic. I also managed a stop into Run4it in Bothwell street and a new running belt and some nutrition supplies.

Saturday was Bug's usual swimming lesson and then we both had an afternoon nap before taking her to Granny and Papa's a.k.a The Spa. Obligatory carb loading with pasta for dinner and kit prep for Sunday, including preparing for the bad weather forecast.

Then an earlyish night in preparation for the big day.

Race Day
Up at 6am, force feeding myself porridge and plenty of water, feeling sick with nerves. 
On the bus at 7.40am into Edinburgh, toilet at bus station
A small coffee at Cafe Nero and then put my top with number and gel belt on, another toilet stop.
Headed to Waterloo place, cut through St James centre, 2 toilet trips in under 5 minutes. 
At Waterloo place changed my fleece and jacket for a makeshift black bag overall and put my bag onto the baggage lorry. Then a trip to the portaloos. Lots of portaloos and really well organised and quick moving queues. 
So after about 17 toilet visits I joined my start pen and hubby headed off to cheer me on.
I think it took about 10 minutes to get across the start line but finally we were off. Waved to hubby at Abbeyhill, then saw him again heading into Holyrood.
So far the threatened rain stayed off.
I was running really smoothly and feeling really good and the miles passed quickly. A small shower as we reached portabello but nothing major. I decided to take off my running gloves and put them in my pocket. 
At around 8 /9 miles I was still running strong and was spurred on seeing Colin Ritchie from my office at the water station.

Around 10 miles I saw the motorcycles and lead car and then the male race leader and eventual winner. This is one of the slight negatives about the route, there are long stretches where there are runners many miles ahead of you running in the opposite direction.

I ran fantastically until 16 miles and then the gale force winds got me. The next 10 miles were a battle head first into the wind. I actually have a very painful neck from running bent forward head down into the wind. I also had a problem with my right foot, my feet had obviously swelled with the miles and my shoe was too tight but I didn't dare stop to attempt to loosen it.

I had also forgotten how soul destroying the gosford estate section of the route was, lovely coastal route and then off road through the estate but miles of no supporters.

Around 22 miles I was struggling but a lovely fellow runner started chatting to me and we ran together for a while...we pulled each other through.

Around 23 miles the rain started and I had to put my gloves on, it was icy cold as well as the wind but again it was only a brief shower.

Then there it was the 25 mile banner.... I was going to do this...

26 miles...and there was Hubby cheering me on

Into Pinkie school...legs burning wanted to stop and walk but not a chance in front of the many spectators 

And across the finish line :-) Garmin time 5 hours 29 minutes 55 seconds. Official time 5 hours 30 minutes 27 seconds.

Post Race

The runners finishing area was actually pretty empty and a wee bit of an anti climax...but I got my water, goody bag and medal. Big thumbs up for the medal being put round my neck rather than in the bag. Thumbs bananas.

Into the reunion area and was just getting my phone to ring Hubby when I saw him. After he told me we were getting a lift home, we went and collected my bag and headed off to find Dad. 
In the car I finally loosened my shoe laces and had my recovery drink. 
Home and straight into an ice bath, then showered. I was in bed by 8pm

The day after

I am pretty stiff and tender today, seem to be Ok if I keep moving...won't be funny when I try to move after sitting writing this!

This will be my last Edinburgh marathon having done it twice. It is really well organised with the exception of the transport... I couldn't have walked half an hour uphill from the finish to get the bus after running 26.2 miles, but I would recommend the Edinburgh Marathon festival to anyone, I have now done the 5k, half marathon and full marathon. Maybe I will do the 10k or form part of a relay team next year, but I also feel it's time for new pastures.
And now after sitting here for about an hour and a half I will haul my weary body upstairs, back to normal routine tomorrow.

Take care everyone 
Lots of love 
Fudgey xxx

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