Monday, 24 June 2013

A week of firsts

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

I'm good but incredibly tired - so time to blog & then off to bed for me.

Last week was an incredibly busy week - in fact most weeks are pretty busy these days for us.


Last weeks sessions:
MONDAY: Session 1: Almost 6 months ago I gave birth to my beautiful girl, 6 weeks ago I was seriously ill in hospital TODAY I ran for 40 minutes non stop - hard work and determination paying off :-D

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 15 minutes walk 1 minute repeat twice. This should have been done on Wednesday but I didn't feel up to it by the time the wee one went down to bed but was determined I would stick to the plan & run 4 times.
FRIDAY: Session 3: Run 17 minutes walk 1 minute run 7 minutes
SUNDAY: Session 4: Run 19 minutes walk 1 minute run 7 minutes. Feeling a lot of tightness in the right hand side, glute, hamstring, knee & ankle all needing a good stretch out & unwind.
This weeks planned sessions:
Session 1: 20 minutes, walk 1 min, run 6 min
Session 2: Run 24 minutes
Session 3: Run 26 minutes
All dependent on how these aches & pains feel as it's taken me so long to get back to here I don't want to jeopardise what I've already accomplished & set myself back again.
Many of you will have seen or heard about the 30 day squat challenge on Facebook. Tomorrow is my day 30 - have stuck to it religiously with my new PT cheering me on or giggling from her bouncing seat.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson
On Tuesday I had a fantastic day at The Edinburgh School of Food & Wine with some of my work colleagues. This was our annual away day & as always didn't fail to disappoint, we had cookery demos, then we cooked & then we ate. We made our own fresh pasta - spinach & ricotta ravioli, chicken stuffed with red pesto, mozzarella & wrapped in Parma ham with a herb risotto & Tiramisu. Thank you to Granny &Grandpa for looking after Buggy for the day.
On Wednesday we headed into town & met Ann & Jane from my gym for coffee.
Thursday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group - lovely sitting outside in the sunshine.
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group followed by lunch with Kat & Graeme.
Saturday - a big adventure - first excursion to Glasgow on the train.

and met Great Great Aunt Rose & wee Rose for the first time.

And met Skylo the doggie for the first time - was mesmerised by his tail!

Thank you Auntie Biff for hosting us all & for the lift back through.

Sunday - first ever 'meal' Organix banana porridge, sat up in the high chair & took a wee drama or fuss so we shall continue on with the weaning & see how it goes.

and that is a whistle stop rundown of our week.

I've managed to finish this post & it is 9.55pm - with a little luck I might get close to 8 hours sleep tonight.

Take Care everyone
love Fudgey x x x


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