Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fudgey's 17 for 17 Update

Hello Fabulous Fudgey Friends

How are you all?

Sorry it's been so long since my last blog post....busy as ever.....loads of ideas for posts just not enough free time to empty them out of my head.

I thought it would be a good idea to update you all on how I'm getting on with my 17 for 17 challenge.

My last post on this was 28th May when I had completed 13 of 17 events
Events 1 - 8
Events 9 - 13

At that point I hadn't received medal here it is

#13 Virtual Runner Run 22 for Solidarity #runformanchester 27th May - 3rd June
1.9 miles completed today (28th May) in 22 minutes.

#14 Awesome Virtual Running May 100 Mile Challenge
100 Miles during the month of May.
Well I did it! 102.73 miles, my highest mileage for a month for 2017 at that point & 2 lovely medals.

#15 Benbecula Half Marathon
2 hours 23 minutes 38 seconds
My best post baby half marathon time.
Without a doubt my favourite event of the year so far. Here's the race report I wrote.
#16 Virtual Runner Wonder Runner July distance challenge
I don't have my medal for this yet as only completed on 31st July & submitted my result....a new highest mileage month 124.4 miles. I'll share a photo once I receive my latest bling.
and there we are into August & 16 of 17 events are 1 to 15
The next one is the big one....
#17 Loch Ness Marathon (September)
Training is well under way.....more on this soon I promise & on my fundraising.
1000km in 2017.....another challenge completed
Sunday 30th July saw we complete my goal to run 1000km this year, just a wee bit ahead of target.
There will be a medal for this one too, though I haven't submitted yet.....going to see how far I can go.
I'm going to sign off here & say goodnight & thank you to all of you for helping me get to this point. I couldn't have achieved so much without all the encouragement, motivation, support & love from all of you.
Take Care Everyone
Lot of Love
Fudgey xxx

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